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The land

The land lies in the foothills of the Alps on an altitude of 850 m above sea level. The house faces south onto a beautiful natural lake. It is about 4 km to the next town and about 150 km to the next big city and International Airport.

MEADOWS 215,000 sqm 21.5 Hectare
FOREST 280,000 sqm 28 Hectare
SPECIALITIES - Meadows above the buildings with three plateaus and a beautiful view
- 3 Streams/ Gully on the plot with beautiful waterfalls and pools.
- The majority of the forest is gully
- Some beautiful clearings
- About 800 x 900 m, diagonally 1.2 km
- All together 5 times bigger than the summer course plot in Kassel in Germany

The buildings

All the houses were built in 1910 in Art Deco Style by an Industrial Family as a resort and hunting estate. There are three main building situated around a large square courtyard surrounded by walls. The Estate used to be self sufficient: They produced their own food – vegetables, milk, meat, and game. It was built as a very modern building at the time, much discussed in art and architectural magazines. All the buildings are of good quality and in good and mostly original condition. The estate is under monument protection.

Courtyard area 5.000 sqm Inside the walls
VILLA Ground, 1st+2nd floor 936 sqm Ready to move in Ground floor
6 rooms and hall
1st floor 9 rooms and hall
2nd floor 7 rooms
Basement +Attic 360 sqm not built up yet Basement
5 rooms  with terrace.
Attic about 4 rooms
SECOND HOUSE Ground, 1st floor +attic 288 sqm Ready to move in Ground,
1st floor 6 rooms
Attic 4 rooms
GARAGES Ground and 1st floor 288 sqm not built up yet
BARN Ground, 1st floor +attic 1,260 sqm not built up yet
OUTER BUILDINGS Greenhouse 65 sqm decayed In the entrance area
Ice house 42 sqm not built up yet
Shed 128 sqm not built up yet
TOTAL 1300 sqm

ready to use right now

3310 sqm

Total after construction

All together 33 rooms now. At least 10 rooms for Center activity. The rest is for inhabitants and guests.