Stupa celebration 2016

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Stupa celebration 2016
July 2nd, 2016

Stupa celebration 2016

We are happy to invite you to celebrate the birthday of our Stupa on Sunday July 3rd.

For the second year already the stupa of complete victory, built by Lopön Tsechu Rinpoche in Switzerland 15 years ago, stands in the garden of the Europe Center. 2001 Rinpoche had achieved 7 stupas simultaneously to bless our centers in Basel, Luzern, St-Gallen, Biel, Amden and Zurich, and at the time Bern. By a very fortunate chain of events for us, this last center had to seperate from its treasure and friends from Switzerland decided to offer it to the EC. The stupa was inaugurated at the EC by Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche and Lama Ole in August 2014.

As wished by Lopön Tsechu Rinpoche, celebrations are held every year around these 7 stupas together, this year on the 3rd of July.
The stupas will be decorated Saturday afternoon, feel free to bring prayer flags, flowers and offerings!
On Sunday morning 9am and Sunday evening 8am, we will meditate around the stupa celebrating Rinpoche and his amazing achievements for all of us!Come and join us for this special event.

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Posted on July 2nd, 2016.  |  In category Latest News