ECtropy up! weekends

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“Ectropya measure of the tendency of a dynamical system
to do useful work and grow more organized.”


ECtropy up! is a concept of special work’n'joy weekends organized every couple of months at the Europe Center. The aim is making the EC facilities nicer, cleaner, more useful and organized and save some money by reusing or selling unused stuff. And of course, we won’t forget to meditate and have fun!

A typical ECtropy up! weekend looks like this:

  • Every morning & evening common meditation on the 16th Karmapa.
  • Friday – afternoon/evening – arrivals, accommodation. Night – getting together at the Bau Café for a nice chill-out time.
  • Saturday – morning/afternoon – working joyfully together, bringing the ectropy of the EC up :),
  • Saturday night fever – a party with special guests – hosting DJs
  • Sunday – morning – finishing the work, after lunch – common closing meditation, departures


The next ECtropy up! weekend

No new weekend announced.