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Help make the Europe Center grow!

I Grow EC! is Europe Center’s membership program. Only the generous regular support of many supporters makes the running of the Europe Center possible. It is similar to local sangha membership, only international, like the whole EC. Join here.

What is it for

The monthly membership payments (as opposed to one-time donations) are used to cover the day-to-day expenses of the Europe Center, especially the utilities bills like heating, water and electricity, internet connection, road and other maintenance costs. Information about how the money is used is presented every year on the International Summer Course.

Joining is easy! (it takes about 5 minutes)

It’s as easy as supporting your local Buddhist center.

1. Choose your donation amount

Donations vary, friends give 15, 20, 50 or even 108 EUR per month but anything starting from 10 EUR is great.

2. Register

Register here. Let us know you joined our membership by filling out a simple form.

Become an I GROW EC! member

3. Set up a monthly payment

The (by far) preferred method is a monthly standing order to a bank account provided by the Diamond Way organization in your country – see the bank account list here.

In the USA, this is done with a monthly credit card charge in USD. This can be also used internationally, if no local bank account exists - see the credit card instructions here.

If nothing else works for you, you can also bring the whole year in one go in cash to the EC.

4. Get your t-shirt

The next time you are in the EC, please contact I Grow EC! team and get your exclusive members-only t-shirt. Not only it looks good (we have different male/female models), it also helps us to spread the word about the EC and the membership. It is also a collectors item – we aim to have a new collection every summer course. The t-shirt costs between 5 and 15 EUR (we only charge the production costs) depending on model.

Tax Deduction

If you need a tax deduction receipt, please contact the DWB organization in the country where you are paying.



Let’s sow the seeds for our future!