Ways to join in

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The Europe Center’ life is rich with events, projects and  tasks of running and maintenance of such a place. For those new in Buddhism we offer public meditations every Thursday and several public events throughout the year. Diamond Way Buddhist practitioners can on top join meditation courses and ongoing projects and daily activities.

Public and schools

New to Buddhism? Try our public meditation evenings in German

We have a public meditation evening every Thursday (in German) starting with introduction to Buddhism at 19.00 and afterward at 20:00 a guided meditation. We enjoy a tea and a talk usually after the meditation.

The entrance is free and you do not need anything special to come – just an interest and 2 hours of time.

There are also other Buddhist centers in the area, with different public meditation days and information about Buddhism in German, if Thursday does not fit you.

Guided tours for schools and groups

It is also possible for groups of interested people and school classes to visit us by appointment. We will happily provide guided tours. To arrange an appointment, please write to info {at} europe-center(.)org.

Diamond Way Buddhist practitioners

Friends from our Diamond Way Buddhist centers are always welcome for courses and other events and to come and join in the development of the Europe Center project. Let us know when you want to come ahead at join {at} europe-center(.)org.

Our prices: accommodation – €5 per person, per night (any dorm bed/villa/2nd house), €12.50 pppn East wing room, €17.50 pppn North wing 1st floor room, North wing 1st floor rooms – prices to be confirmed; food – €2 for breakfast, €4 for lunch and €4 for dinner.

Please note that it is not possible to camp at the EC in a tent or caravan/camper, except during the Summer Course & pets are not allowed at anytime.


The easiest way to stay up-to-date is to get the news and events straight to your inbox, simply subscribe to EC News with your e-mail. Or just check out the Events calendar.

Share your skills and help

Europe Center would never have become a reality without the help of a lot of friends from different countries. Should you wish to come and share your skills or simply your free time, please write to join {at} europe-center(.)org, telling us when you plan to come and what you can or wish do.

Support the project

Regular support for running costs – I Grow EC!

The I Grow EC! project is for friends from around the world who want to give regular financial support for the running and development of our beautiful Europe Center. It is similar to center membership with monthly donations, only international, like the whole EC. Find out more about I Grow EC!.

White Chairs


Do you have maybe something we need, lying around, unused? Check out our Wishlist to see what the Europe Center is looking for.

Want to come for longer?

Staying long-term in the EC

We always try to accommodate people who want to dedicate their time and energy to our project. However, the Europe Center, as large as it looks, has a very limited space and conditions for long-term living until the new buildings are ready. Please let us know in advance at  join {at} europe-center(.)org and check this article to understand the concept of living at the Europe Center.

Moving to the Immenstadt area

Should you consider moving to this beautiful Allgäu area, please let us know at  join {at} europe-center(.)org and check out a few tips and advises at the page Living around the EC.

Connect your country, region or city with the EC

slovak_013Country weekends

The idea of a Country weekend is that your country or region organizes the whole weekend at the EC and invites the rest of the world to come and experience your unique style at the EC. You organize the program however you wish (you may want to invite your own international traveling teachers, plan outside activities e.g. skiing, climbing etc.). You organize the shopping, budgeting, cooking, cleaning and so on, simply put – run the whole weekend from beginning to end, with support from the EC crew. Arrange the date for you country’s weekend at join {at} europe-center(.)org.

Regular sangha visits to the EC

Another way of joining in the EC’s daily life, apart from the popular country weekends, are regular sangha visits to the EC several times a year. It has many benefits – the visiting sangha does something new together, it is easier for new people to visit the EC, regular visitors get to know the place and can easily join in the activities and the EC team can plan ahead. Most importantly, regular encounters strengthen friendships and the sangha’s connection with the EC.

The pioneers of this were the Hamburgers, they even have a dedicated EC travels blog (in German) www.ueberallegrenzen.de. If you don’t read German, check out our EC blog reports from their visits here and here. Others are very welcome too! If your country/region/center sangha feels surplus and interest, please join the club and email us at join {at} europe-center(.)org to plan our diaries together.

Running an EC event

After the German Middle-Rhein region brilliantly organized the 2010 January Keypeople meeting we want to offer the opportunity to other centers and regions. There are many weekend events planned ahead in EC’s events calendar and if your sangha would like to come and help organize one, drop us an email to join {at} europe-center(.)org so we can plan our diaries together. It is always fun to have friends around and the EC team appreciates any help with organizing the rich program we try to offer here.

Organizing an event is also the fastest and most intensive way to get to know the EC, from the basement to the roof. The EC crew will of course be there with you and afterwards you will really feel at home here.