Come & join | Wishlist

Having something we need, lying around, unused? Or would like to sponsor it? Having an expertise we look for and would like to help? 

Just click the Contact link on the item and let us know.  For any questions write us to wishlist {at} europe-center(.)org. Thank you!

  • Give your stuff a new life
    (things we need)

  • Solid double beds for the guest rooms in the new EC buildings. Optimal size 140cm x 200cm, with or without mattress. Please send us pictures and dimensions.
  • Sofas that can be used as guest beds for guest rooms in the new EC buildings. Please send us a picture and dimensions.
  • Garden chairs and tables - white plastic, wood, steel or aluminum for the EC garden and terrace outside the newly restored barn.
  • Brains & skills
    (experts needed)

  • Our Site development team is looking for an experienced metal worker who could come, design and weld a new staircase for the Diamond Room.
  • The EC has a lot of old furniture - sofas, chairs, lamps, cupboards, buffets etc. which needs restoration. Anyone skilled and experienced in this field, please contact us.