Fulfilled wishes – thank you!

Wishlist | Fulfilled wishes – thank you!

These wishes from our Wishlist were already fulfilled by our great friends from around the world. A big thank you to all donors and experts that help us with the Europe Center project!

  • Donated things

  • With so many people coming, our events can produce a substantial coffee demand. And not only at the "rush hours" on the sleepy mornings and during after-lunch fiestas. The classical home filter-machines we use up to now just can't cope anymore. (more…)
  • Do you know where the color "bordeaux" has its name from? It might as well be wrong but we believe that from the color the red wine leaves on carpets. And as practical as we are at the EC, we started to look for a big bordeaux-red carpet that would cope with this phenomena naturally. (more…)
  • wishlist-teapot -- Friends from Ukraine donated a second pot, thank you! -- We are looking for a similar tea pot like the one we got from our generous Ukrainian friends (on the picture). It should hold at least 3l. The lama service will mainly use it for serving tea to our lamas during courses and it will be also handy during big gatherings at the EC.
  • Did your grandma leave you her old pillowcases that don't fit your new stylish 21st century bedroom design anymore? Well, we wouldn't mind to use them, on the contrary! In order to provide our guests with a better experience in our EC dormitories, we need an unspecified number of pillowcases of these parameters: size: 60 x 40 cm pastel colors nice-to-have: patterns from the 50's and 60's
  • We are still looking for a metal detector for finding nails and screws in the ground. Any treasure hunters around?
  • To make the dormitories more beautiful, we are looking for picture frames fitting the house style. The frames will be used for thangkas or photos from courses etc.
  • -- A donor found, thank you! -- Europe Center villa was furnished with a set of beautiful old lamps. The lamps are functioning but most of them is partially damaged and in need of restoration. We are looking for a donor, who would pay for this work. The estimated amount is 300-500 EUR. We are also looking for an volunteering expert to do this job.
  • Found experts

  • Unmade beds everywhere. Piles of stuff without any apparent owner, half of which has been there for months. Wet towels hanging from every possible ledge and corner. Lively nights one can't survive without a pair of good ear plugs with lights going on and off at arbitrary moments. All the air seems to dissapear the moment you close the door. Welcome to a dormitory. Or is there another way? Often small smart details can make life much easier - a well-placed hanger, a built-in shelf, an automatic night-light glowing dimly at the floor level... Do you have other good dormitory ideas? Have you seen or dreamt about something during your last stay in one? If yes, send a photo or a drawing with a short description (3 sentences) to wishlist@europe-center.org before March 12, 2012. The best idea will be rewarded with a free stay in one of our dormitories!
  • We are looking for somebody reliable who can help editing and converting videos. We have recorded all kinds of activities here at the EC and have a huge movie archive. Currently everything is in an insane FullHD format and some of the things are not edited yet. Requirements: a half-way decent PC or a MAC at least 50 GB of free space time to edit and compress videos If you think this is your calling, please contact Nitin for details.
  • The EC is without a chef until the end of June 2010. A cook or cooks for any period of time would be very very welcomed!
  • We have a great wish - to renovate the historical windows in the main villa. We have already started but to continue, we need a project manager who will get a transmission for the work from our chief restorer Beate and then supervise helpers during the project. As the work has to be done in warm and sunny weather (well, most of the time ;-), we are looking for someone who could spend here most of the summer. You do not have to be a joiner / carpenter for this work - general manual skills, some feeling for restoration, time and enthusiasm is all you need.
  • -- Oven builder found, thank you! -- There are 3 original tile stoves in the villa not functioning very well or at all. We would like to use them in winter to heat up the house with our own wood and save this way money for oil. Is there an expert that could help us repair them?