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World’s best shop at the International Summer Course

What have in common Mexican baby mobile, Italian notebook with quotes, Hungarian honey, Peruvian hand-crafted jewelry, Russian memory stick “Space is information”, Karma Guen olive oil and Hong-Kong folders and Polish t-shirts?

They are examples of products that appeared at our World’s best shop on the past Summer Courses.

World’s best?

The World’s best shop name comes from the wish to connect friends worldwide in two ways – getting to know each other and supporting each – through offering great products from around the world.

We fish for product ideas in the inspiring richness of minds and cultures of our international Diamond Way sangha. The selection is then offered to the large crowd from 50+ countries flooding the EC in the summer. We always make sure all friends know where the products come from and who made it.

The profit made during the Summer Course from the products gets split equally between the producer and the Europe Center, so there is a benefit for everyone.

Suitable products

We focus on quality products for a good price useful in our daily life and activities – saving time, making traveling easier, promoting good style etc. You can come up with something inspiring, plain practical, fashionable, healthy or joy-bringing. It should be directly produced or organized by someone from the sangha.

We complement not compete with classical dharma shop offer, so we do not sell malas, gaus, meditation booklets etc.

I have something to offer! (or a question)

Get in touch with us at worldsbest {at} europe-center(.)org and if your product fits, we will be happy to find a good spot on our shelves.