New surfaces

EC Blog Archive for June, 2008

New surfaces

June 30th, 2008

For the third weekend in a row, a lot of great friends showed up and joined the growing work force of the weekdays for a few intense days. New surfaces appeared on walls, floors and on our course ground.

EC Webcam Live!

June 24th, 2008

From now on, you can check the actual weather we have here, the work progress, when the EC goes to sleep (if ever!), when the first workers appear from the morning mist, the latest EC fashion (e.g. massive-but-elegant black safety shoes, mud-colored pants and no tops for guys)…

…and get inspired to come and throw yourself into the whirl of (re)construction!

Picture updates

June 20th, 2008

The work is going on really fast. Let´s check it out – before and after…

The main house

The summer course eating tent platform

The future dormitory

The future welcoming and exhibition area

The summer course water system

The Gompa

The new roof of the second house

The dining room

The future café

The second house backside roof

The winter and spring

More than 120 gave all they could this weekend! For the first time, Saturday work ended with a rainbow. Great joy everywhere and we will keep up the good work!!! Thank you everybody!

Today in pink!

June 12th, 2008

Today our new roof worker went on in pink with her team of Edwin from Holland/Norway/Germany, Danas from Lithuania and Csaba from Hungary. Those tiles are going up! On the other side of the roof, another team is improving the wood construction. Beate from Immenstadt and Lucy from Czech Republic are painting the office white. Georg from Berlin, Ana from Hungary, Halina from Czech Republic and Natalia from Argentina are in good charge of the kitchen these days and serve amazing meals to all. Soccer enthusiasts gather around our only television in the lama flat…

Caty has gone to the roof

June 11th, 2008

We need workers in the EC and we have now sent Caty to the roof! Yesterday our master carpenter Edwin gave her instructions in putting on the tiles and so she part of our team of roof workers and she is up there right now.
Underneath the roof, another team is busy preparing the big dormitory in clouds of saw dust. At the gate, the workers from the local construction company are putting in water pipes. Today they joined us for lunch and last evening ten strong, fresh local firemen happened to come by for Merete’s birthday party at the bar. We seem to have many good connections here…
In the hall, Beate, Christiane and Annette have continued cleaning the wood panels and the result is amazingly beautiful.
The workers’ caravans will be moved to the garden and our first settler Andre Plamber is already arranging himself nicely with sun flowers and everything needed for a happy home.
With the summer couse eight weeks away and still enormous amounts of work to do, we have asked for help. Luckily, this is already being heard! This weekend, we look forward to greeting many of our great friends from all over Germany and everywhere else. This is wonderful. And to everybody else: Please come too!

Working heroes

June 4th, 2008

“The digger effect” on the EC land becomes still more obvious: If you take a walk around the area approximately every second day you can follow the constant changes. Masses of earth are being moved around and land being flattened in preparation for the summer course. It can seem quite drastic when the huge machines push around the landscape, but everything is done with a very fine feeling and a thorough understanding of the landscape and the different layers of the ground. Because a handful of very dedicated and determined workers are able to do this for 12-16 hours every day we will get the right frames for a summer course.
This weekend the Swiss also made their presence felt (again, they have been here before!). They showed up in amounts that almost outnumbered the Germans (and made sure to make us aware of this, of course). On two very hot summer days, a highly efficient, hard-working Swiss-German team of workers chopped, cut and stacked huge piles wood for our fireplaces next winter.
Work on the garage roof, the tool room and the cleaning of the barn also continued, the kitchen served food and the houses were cleaned. The EC is full of working heroes and since the beginning the idealism of eveyone has been touching. And it is just the beginning…
Saturday evening, we celebrated the 30th birthday of Mirja, our great doctor who takes care of ill people and gets up to make breakfast for everyone before 7.