The first EC Summer Matinee!

EC Blog Archive for July, 2008

Sunday the 27. of July was the historical date of our first ever Summer Matinee. Caty had this idea to thank our neighbours for welcoming us so warmly and to give them something nice before their new neighbour soon grows very big for a few weeks and will ask for a little more patience than usual from the local community.
For about a month this event with classic music in the arcades of the garages of the Europe Center had been announced with folders and posters to our closest neighbours in Bühl and Immenstadt and many came. The forecast predicted rain, but while the clouds hovered everywhere on the hills around us we were blessed by the only break in the sky and enjoyed sunshine, beautiful pieces perfomed by the Rossini Quartet, Sibylle’s amazing voice, tasty cakes from Schwarzenberg and a vide selection of drinks. Afterward, our guests got a chance to see our impressive living rooms on guided tours with Verena and Patricia.
The event showed that we have perfect acoustics for classic music in our courtyard and that we have the perfect frames for all kinds of events in the Europe Center. We have a lot of space and can fit in very many people.
So this was the first of many matinees in the Europe Center and we already look forward to the next!

New pictures are coming:

Well, it has started..The tents for the first Summer course 2008 have arrived!!! Like magic everything has appeared on the platforms within a few hours.

The first platform in the noon:

Four hours later…

And this was a weekend of interesting work all over the construction site, teams preparing for the summer course, many happy meetings between old and new friends and a double rainbow at the end of work Sunday. We think we will make it!

The new EC gallery!!!

July 19th, 2008

Do you like our blog? Yes? But you would like to show some selected pictures to your friends and you do not have a time to go though so many webpages? Or you need to download the best pictures in printable quality? If so, check our new EC gallery:

And if you need a pictures for printing, here is the link for original ones to download:

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Another great weekend…

July 14th, 2008

… though we did have enough rain (almost three full days of constant pouring) and other purifications. But as long as the sun is shining inside! And luckily you cannot say that Kagyus are not happy, hard-working and quite enduring.

Blessing blog

July 8th, 2008

The 17. Karmapa Thaye Dorje’s parents Mipham Rinpoche and Mayum are right now spending some weeks in our center in Schwarzenberg. Monday night, the EC residents were invited for a visit and we all put our nice clothes and went over in our cars. After a great dinner, we meditated on the 16. Karmapa and then Caty presented everyone to Mipham and Mayum and we all received a blessing.

EC intensifies

July 6th, 2008

Work in the EC has intensified with the summer course few weeks away. Everyone involved in decisions about the construction work meet more and more often to discuss need to do, nice to do and can wait until later, that is, after the summer course, which is a completely different time zone for us at the moment. Counting up to 180 people altogether for the weekend there were more workers than ever and a lot was accomplished.