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EC Blog Archive for September, 2008

kagyu run

September 25th, 2008

On a beautiful sunny September day at 11am, 24 friends started the first Kagyu Run directly under our precious Europe Center. From one railway-crossing to the next and along the Großen Alpsee, by 4pm we had run 226km, swam 9km and biked 74km! The longest distance was provided by our friend Phillip from Schwarzenberg, who ran 35km.
After a very tasty dinner cooked by Gosia, Erik from Schwarzenberg rounded off the day with stories of the good old days with Lama Ole and the 16th Karmapa
So the first Kagyu Run at the EC was not a big event, but it was very successful and a lot of fun.
Next year we plan to start organising the event much earlier (not only 1.5 weeks before!) and invite many more friends and centers to “run” together at our beautiful and powerful place.

Calm September

September 19th, 2008

The EC has been very quiet the last few weeks, but not empty. The mornings are as beautiful as ever and the fields where thousands of feet walked turned green again. Where the kitchen and eating tent stood, new earth now covers the plateau.

Most of the residents have been away to spend some time with friends or family, and many met again in Becske for the Stupa inauguration and ngöndro course with Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche; who kindly gave us the beautiful thangka that can now be found in the main hall.

The lost and found is filled with many items and if they don’t find their owners again, they will make a very interesting second hand shop or lottery.


September 1st, 2008

Today Ani Tenzin and Lama Urgyen, who are both here with our wonderful teacher Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche, joined us in the kitchen where they showed us how to make Tibetan pastries called “momo”.

It was great fun to cook together and the result was very tasty!

Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche is staying longer with us, since he couldn’t make it to London because of some obstacles with getting a visa. The three lectures he was planned to give last weekend in London, he gave at the EC and we managed to stream them. With translations into German, Russian and Polish, many more could enjoy the teachings.

After the hard work of many brave heros who stayed after the Summer course, the EC has now returned to how it looked before the course. However, it feels far from empty. The love and joy of our wonderful teachers & friends remains in every corner. The coming month will be a calm one, as many residents have gone away to visit friends and family.