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October 25th, 2008

Dear friends,

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Enjoy the great moments again and again!

The quiet month after the course has passed, the residents have returned and work and fun at the EC continues. The trees around have been showing shades of red, orange and yellow, with a breathtaking view of the hill opposite of the lake. The road leading up to the EC turned into a magical tunnel with a carpet of red leaves. Some first snow already fell and covered the tops of the mountains around us.

A few weeks remain in which we will be able to work outside and this time will be used to make the EC ready for winter and finish some of the construction that was delayed until after the Summer Course. Still a few things remain from the course that need to be cleaned and stored away.

Even though at times the EC has been quiet, we steadily went on with our daily tasks. Apart from the ongoing work we also organized several events the last weekends, where we had a lot of fun and enjoyed some great parties with visiting friends. The first weekend we harvested the apples from our garden which made 280 liters of wonderful organic apple juice. The weekend after that we welcomed several friends who joined us for the first 24 hour meditation on the 16th Karmapa in the EC. Our architects met last weekend to develop a garden and landscape concept. People living around were also invited to participate.

Our public meditation evening on Thursdays has shown a big interest. After the course and Lama Ole’s public lecture many local people used the chance to come up to meditate with us.