Thangka painter in the EC

EC Blog Archive for January, 2009

Thangka painter in the EC

January 28th, 2009

We have a new guest in the EC – smiling thangka painter named Tashi. Lama Ole invited him to EC when they met each other in Russia on the place called Elista. Tashi came last week and immediately started to work on his new paintings. He knows every detail by heart and if you ask him how many years he had to learn, he always smiles and replies: Oh, many many. Many many…

Statue filling weekend

January 26th, 2009

Beautiful but empty statues, mantra’s, saffron, paper, glue, various odd looking tools, cotton, tape, incense, flowers, gold, precious stones and a highly motivated & skilled international group of statue fillers. The proper ingredients for a very inspiring “International Statue Filling Coordination” weekend.

A group of around 20 seasoned statue fillers came together last weekend to enjoy a series of workshops, in order to share their best methods and the highest quality. One of the goals for the weekend was to divide the work that needs to be done to prepare and fill the many Europe Center statues.

Werner, Hannah and Dagmar, three of the four most experienced statue fillers, each gave a short lecture, sharing their experiences. The happy participants left this afternoon to return home and share their inspiration to begin preparations with many more friends and centers, for the big task ahead.

One of those days

January 22nd, 2009

This Wednesday was one of those days when it´s good to stay in the bed no matter what. Winter time brought us typical mountain adventures like snow storms and icy roads. Although we are cleaning the road up to the EC every day, this time the weather conditions were really hard and many cars did not manage to come up. More than that Beate´s car became quite uncontrollable and she went down the road. All protectors were present so fortunately nothing happened to her. The next day a car company and Lasse driving the tractor, worked three hours on pulling the car up the cliff. If you decide to come in snowy weather, please make sure to have chains on your tires, or a strong four wheel car. Sometimes it is even very smart to leave the car down the hill and walk up.

Friends, we do not know how it happened (or maybe we do), but the babies are attacking EC! They are small, soft, funny, happy and everywhere. And after some deep investigation of this phenomenom we have found out that they like to swim. This buddhist baby swimming invasion group had to be guided to the closest warm swimming pool otherwise they would try spontaneosly swim in our half frozen lake.

If you come to EC looking for a guy who can build a house, teach you how to ski, meditate with you everyday, go swimming in the early morning to the cold lake or have a nice chat with a beer in the evening, ask for Alexander. He came from Vienna last winter and since that moment he is all the time working outside of the house leading the construction. And his dark sides? Well, he really hates brocolli, unhealthy food and non action movies. So friends, check the pictures and meet Alexander…