Losing the view……

EC Blog Archive for February, 2009

Losing the view……

February 14th, 2009

And now for the weather-forecast: snow, snow, snow

It has been snowing almost without interruption, since Tuesday, 10th February, and the weather forecast predicts at least another five days of intense snowfall. As a result of this, we often lose our beautiful view of the mountains and lake.

Everybody, including the kitchen-crew, made their last visit to the supermarkets down in the valley, in order to prepare for the probable effect: the EC will be cut off from the outer world. Only cars with four-wheel-drive and snow-chains manage to climb up the ever narrowing road to the center. Jürgen, Jesper and Lasse try to keep the roads clear with the tractor and many hands support them with snow shovels and brooms. As Jürgen said this morning after two hours of work: “It’s gorgeous outside!”

Nevertheless the friends at the EC are enjoying this rare & heavy snowfall. After two days, the snow is already up to one’s thighs, and some of the residents have found a very fast way down to the lake, enjoying moonlit sledge rides down the mountainside!

Improving the View

February 12th, 2009

Due to the condition of some of our trees between the villa and road, it was decided that a selection needed to come down. The up-side of this is that the view from the villa and land above to the lake is much improved. So last week some contractors, under Jürgen’s watchful eye, felled many of our trees and now we have enough wood for several different projects.

Milena & Gerrit

February 10th, 2009

Love is in the air

Last Friday love was truly in the air at the EC, when Gerrit and Milena got married. Theirs is a story of love found and nurtured and formalized within the walls of the Europe Center. They met here one year ago and fell instantly in love. In true fairytale & EC style they did not let distance, cultural boundaries or language hold them back. They then met up in London, and afterwards Gerrit traveled to Bulgaria to meet the family and bring his beautiful bride back to the EC. When Lama Ole said: “people will fall in love here privately”, as usual he was absolutely right!