Statue filling not just in the EC

EC Blog Archive for April, 2009


The big project called international preparation for filling the EC statues was assigned to us by the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa himself, during his last visit to the EC in summer 2008.  Seeing so many beautiful, small and large Buddha statues, he expressed the wish that all of them would be filled before the international summer course in 2009.  He told us: “Filling these precious statues will be like filling a stupa.”

Statue fillers actually started the preparation for this joyful event in the autumn of 2007 as soon as we got the EC property in Immenstadt. They rolled the mantras in Schwarzenberg once a month during 2008 and, of course, during the summer course at the EC.

After the first meeting of the international statue fillers on the last weekend of January 2009, this activity was spread to all friends worldwide, who have the special knowlege for rolling mantras. Our friends from Germany, Slovenia, Netherlands, USA, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Ireland, Hungary and Italy got the assignment of rolling various mantras. You can have a look at the pictures from  different countries and places. Many friends took part by collecting precious things for filling and friends from Venezuela also felled a special tree on their property and donated this wood for the life-trees.

As Caty said: “The filling of the statues at the EC, the heart center of Diamond Way centers around the globe, will be accomplished by involving and drawing on the power and activity of every country”.

We are very touched by this inspiring activity and are happy about the special course in May, which will be the very first international statue filling course with international statue fillers (11. to 24. May)! We are happy to transmit our knowlege of this subject, have fun and enjoy your friendship!

All people who are interested are invited to take part!


Good morning Starshine

April 15th, 2009

Friends, there is no need to comment. Just enjoy the early mornings in the EC!


Lama in the book retreat

April 9th, 2009

On the travel plan of Lama Ole you might find the word “retreat” since the middle of March. This project time is reserved for the book retreat and our Lama and his team are using these days to work intensively on a brand new book. Everybody is very focused and concentrated and we are all looking forward to the fresh “birth” of the Death and rebirth book. During this book retreat all friends coming to the EC are invited to use this precious chance together with the residents to meditate in our Lama’s powerfield.


Spring came to the EC

April 4th, 2009

Relaxing time, sun, shorts, T-shirts, out of the blue spring arrived. The snow is melting in front of our eyes, flowers shoot up and we are happily  eating outside again. Our construction workers immediately started to prepare for the next building season and everybody is enjoying meditating in the Lama’s power field. Love is in the air, ta da di da.

Filling the Big Buddha

April 2nd, 2009

A big and important project is done: filling the big Buddha statue in the gompa.

The work for this event actually started weeks ago, in many centers all over the world. People have been rolling mantras and collecting precious things to go in the statues. So just in time, mantra rolls from Australia, Poland, Russia, Hungary and German centers arrived.

To support the event in the EC, two cars from Holland came with a lot of Mantra rolls. They were really a big help!

We started Friday with a lot of preparations, especially preparing the life tree, packing the relics and preparing a better baseplate for the bottom of the Buddha.

Finally at around midnight, Lama Ole set the live tree in the big Buddha. He and Caty helped further by putting some Mantra rolls inside with the help of the statue-fillers. Later Hannah, Hanni, Sophie, Dagmar and the other statue-fillers completed filling the body. This activity lasted until 3.30 am

On Saturday we filled the Lotus of the Buddha. This is actually a Sangha event where everybody can participate. As our Sangha from EC is the whole world we were very happy that there were many international people around!

Than finally on Sunday morning the two parts of the Buddha were set together. It was a magical moment when we took off the face cover. Ramona gave him back the bowl, that looks very different now and then we put him back into the correct position.

Everybody was happy about this great international Sangha event. But there is much more work to do, as there are many other unfilled statues here. For the big filling course in May you are all invited to come. So please come and join!