The Second Transmission Weekend

EC Blog Archive for May, 2009

Beautiful, warm and sunny days made a great setting for the second transmission weekend. Many friends made their way to the EC on Friday to hear Matt Huddleston tell many interesting and exciting stories about the Karma Kagyu transmission lineage. With his English style he really brought the history to life.

Saturday, after an hour of Ngöndro practice, Pedro Gomez kept the gompa fully concentrated with stories of how H.H.the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa was found. Hardly anybody moved, not wanting to miss the beautiful descriptions and anecdotes Pedro shared with lots of humor.

In the evening Pedro and his wife Dorit illustrated the incredible stories with pictures and videos. Mäc (Matthias Weitbrecht) continued with more pictures and fact finding, complimented by Pedro, Michael van den Hoet and Caty. After the pictures the panel talked about how the 17th Karmapa controversy unrolled.

Then on Sunday, Michael van den Hoet shared his wealth of knowledge. Caty concluded the second transmission weekend with questions and answers and talked about how our modern and western style has been developing over the years.

Dear friends, even though this was only our second transmission weekend, it is clear we have established a strong EC tradition!


Goodbye book retreat…

May 8th, 2009

After nearly two months (with some short breaks for a few small courses), Lama Ole and his team have finished the book retreat in the EC. This  book project is almost over, and just a few friends like Caty still need to make some corrections to the text in order to publish the book as soon as possible. As you can imagine we all had an amazing time with the Lama working over our heads, and also with all of you who came to spend some days in his strong powerfield.  Nevertheless, everything goes very fast,  and at first light this morning the Lama gave a quick blessing and left, and in the evening the team will be already landing in New York city.


Summer course meeting

May 5th, 2009

We all love it when a plan comes together, and it looks like the second International Summer Course is going to be great. As you can imagine, organizing a course for so many people is quite a challenge. At the last meeting before the course, 150 friends came together to put the finishing touches on the designs, plan some surprises, and make and enjoy strong friendships. It was impressive to see how the friends who showed their qualities last year, the old dogs, and the fresh new faces came together. Undoubtedly these joyful heroes will make the next course a great success. With our new EC motto “Come and join in” we warmly invite you to help before, during, and after the course.

Over the last weeks, an international group has been sweating hard in darkened rooms over hot keyboards to produce the new leaflet with all the information about the course, and a brand new registration form, which will both be out very soon. Stay tuned :-)


Today Lama Ole officially inaugurated the statue exhibiton in the historic rooms of the main villa. Many small and big statues are now opened to public every Sunday afternoon until 26th of July. We are very happy that we can share with friends and visitors all these beautiful statues made according to buddhist precious art technics. Not just us, but everybody can enjoy the blessing and symbolism of aspects which open the deep levels in our minds. As all wonderful guests who came today, you are warmly welcome! If you need more information have a look at Events at EC webpage.