Course preparation is gaining speed

EC Blog Archive for July, 2009

Do you have déjá vu from time to time? Do you remember last year at the end of July? We were all here preparing the first International Summer course on our own land.  And the time to the second one is getting shorter and shorter. The teams are already here and all is going well to be finished on time. However, we would be very happy for your helping hands if you have time to come early. Looking forward to see you here again!


Girls on construction

July 7th, 2009

Behind every successful man there is one (or more) exhausted woman. Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce our construction women heroes: Aleksa, Daniela, Katrin, Beate and of course many others who are coming and joining the heavy construction work. All of them are very skillful and talented, so in case you need to build a house, don´t just look for a man to help :)  These ladies can do it all!