The 8th Karmapa retreat: our very special guest

EC Blog Archive for September, 2009

The perfect end to the retreat, a Q&A session for the 8th Karmapa practitioners and a blessing for the team, from our very special surprise guest .


The 8th Karmapa Retreat

September 16th, 2009

Just a few weeks after the end of the Summer Course, the next EC event started to appear. A small team returned (actually some never left) to build-up the first ever 8th Karmapa retreat at the EC. Though it was a small event compared with the Summer Course, with only just over 1200 on site, and with much simpler facilities, the 8th Karmapa practitioners in the gompa and the ngondro practicing team outside, seemed to have a great time. For the 8th Karmapa practitioners, there were meditations with Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche and Lama Ole, commentaries on the 8th Karmapa text from Rinpoche, and evening questions and answer sessions with Lama Ole, at the same time the team had their own evening program in the team gompa; and on Saturday Rinpoche gave a wonderful initiation in to Karma Pakshi for everyone. The finale was a big suprise from very special guest…………