Europe Center Sangha Dinner

EC Blog Archive for October, 2009

Europe Center Sangha Dinner

October 26th, 2009

This weekend the Immenstadt/Europe Center Sangha came together for a relaxed and delicious dinner at the EC. After months of exciting events and enormous activity, the time was just right to celebrate the joy and friendship we shared this summer, and how we managed to work and live together in such a fine style. The food, made by everyone, was tasty and had great international variety – from sushi and pumpkin soup to homemade Irish bread and Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte.

A busy weekend in the EC

October 19th, 2009

The lonely autumn has turned out to very busy weekend filled with interesting people:  Hamburg sangha came from the North to give us a tranmission from the times of their famous Hamburg Bau Café, the core team of the Summer course met to give each other feed-back from this years summer course, a group of Czechs explored the forests for wood work and friends from Munich came with the  Schwarzenberg sangha for the first official inauguration night in our amazing caffeteria.  Imagine two DJs, great dancing music, the best caipirinha and the smell of fresh wooden Bau Cafe facing the lake view.


Things have gone a little quiet on the blog front recently and for this we apologize. However this is not because we’ve been lazing around here at the EC or running off on exotic holidays, rather we have been  busy, cleaning-up after the courses, building roofs, finishing the bau cafe, repairing terraces, cutting trees……plus many other things, as we get ready for the fast approaching winter!