Buried in snow or 4th Transmission Weekend

EC Blog Archive for January, 2010

It is Sunday evening and the Europe Center seems completely deserted, despite the few people sipping tea, meditating, wandering around and napping after a long and intensive weekend. At least it feels like it, in comparison to the full house only a few hours ago when the Transmission weekend ended with a common meditation on the 16th Karmapa.

The subject – How I met the 16th Karmapa – presented by friends practicing Diamond Way Buddhism already around 30 years, attracted people from many countries. Not even the true Allgäu-winter conditions with half-a-meter of new snow every day, nor the fact that the provisory limited gompa was packed, would discourage friends to come.

The personal experiences, histories, never-before-seen pictures and videos we shared in the last 2 days brought us all closer again to the great inspiring teacher and yogi of Tibet, H.H. the 16th Karmapa. Through his openness to Western students and the power of his wisdom and joy, he planted the seeds for the rapid growth of the Diamond Way Buddhism in the West.

Even today, almost 30 years after his passing, the 16th Karmapa remains the essential source of inspiration and blessing that materializes in the ever growing number of DWB centers around the world. May we all be inspired by his example!

p.s.: many worked hard to make this event possible but the indisputable heroes of the weekend are all the kitchen-magicians and snow-fighters that made the roads and paths accessible. Thank you, friends!


Key people weekend

January 27th, 2010

Last weekend friends representing the Europe Center in over twenty countries, so-called EC keypeople, came together to meet and work on topics like the role of the EC in the future and the new EC building project – the new big gompa and living space for residents and visitors. This unique event was opened by Lama Ole and Caty on Saturday morning and continued through the whole beautiful sunny winter weekend. More then 300 computers were connected via streaming from all over the world.

The Mittel-Rhein sangha hosted the weekend and Markus from Finland & helpers cooked. The conditions were all there to work, get inspired, make new friends and have a fun, or simply share a great and meaningful time.

Everybody was very much inspired by Lama Ole’s vision. The big wish is to build in the next three years a new gompa in the barn that fits the needs almost perfectly, a common kitchen on the ground floor of the barn and a new building for living next to it. The motto „Let´s do it again!“ is now in everybody’s hearts and we know we will manage again.


The 2nd weekend of January already brought the first big event in 2010 at the Europe Center – or rather two events in one! Lama Ole answered questions and gave a three hour lecture directly streamed to the friends travelling on the Russian tour and the rest of the world.

The EC summer course team got together to start the planning phase of the 2010 Summer Course. This time the focus leant on team spirit, visions of the Europe Center as well as future summer courses. Instead of finding immediate solutions half a year before the course, many ideas and improvements were collected for the upcoming course.

More than 50 participants enjoyed more “transmission” atmosphere than just working, and the whole team spirit was even increased by an “Indian” story telling evening in the “baucafé”. “How can I become involved in an EC project?” “My best story from the summer course” “Should I improve my singing?” – these rhetoric questions could be heard all night long. 

It is going to be a great course once again! :-)