The Slovak Country weekend

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The Slovak Country weekend

February 23rd, 2010

By the Slovak sangha:

“Only a week after Valentine’s day, our hearts are beating fast again. Not only did we have the chance to take care of our amazing Europe Center and help its wonderful residents & team, but we also had a chance to fall in love with the place, if it had not already happened a long time ago.

Slovak cooks cooked healthy and delicious international meals, as well as less healthy but even more delicious Slovak specialties. Besides eating, we meditated a lot and listened to Dharma lectures by Slovak traveling teachers. Saturday evening was dedicated to the history of Diamond Way Buddhism in Slovakia. One could learn that DWB in Slovakia was born only fourteen years ago in the hearts of karate kids, who got inspired by Lama Ole Nydahl. Instead of working only with their bodies, they started to work with their minds as well. We watched a short movie about Slovak Buddhist centers and an inspiring documentary about a journey some of the Slovak sangha made to Mustang. Later on, we enjoyed some social time together with many surprises…

On Sunday morning, we listened to the last lecture, meditated together and cleaned up after lunch. Some made new friends, some deepened old friendships, and some fell in love. This place is just magic. Coming here, it welcomed us with a huge hug of snow and leaving it, it waved us goodbye with rays of sun.”

More Winter Magic…

February 8th, 2010

The Allgäu winter wonderland just keeps amazing everyone coming to the EC in these months – so here are some more snowy impressions from all across our beautiful Europe Center…