The Italian & Lithuanian weekend

EC Blog Archive for March, 2010

By the  Lithuanian Sangha

The first joint country weekend was a true success. The Lithuanian sangha is grateful to its Italian friends, who accepted and warmly supported the idea of letting  another  sangha co-organize a country weekend at the EC. We jumped the queue as usual and enjoyed it a lot.

The Lithuanian team arrived on Thursday night thanks to bank holidays back home. We enjoyed a nice relaxed Friday with a group trip to local roller coaster and waited for the Italians with a big Lithuanian dinner, which included 50 liters of red beat soup. The weekend continued with the Italian sangha arriving on Friday night, which one could recognize without leaving the room due to significantly increased sound level.

Together we listened to the lectures of Lithuanian and Italian traveling teachers,  presentations of Diamond Way Buddhism’s development in these two distant countries and enjoyed delicious Italian food. On Saturday night the Italians really proved they do it better, by presenting a real Italian trash party followed by karaoke show and tiramisu.

Two sanghas, that do not usually meet too often, enjoyed coming together and finding out new things about each other (for example where Lithuania really is on the map). And as it was said in one famous movie: “I think this is a beginning of a beautiful friendship!”