The Swiss weekend

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The Swiss weekend

April 28th, 2010

The tone for the Swiss weekend was given among other things by the following message: “Dear all:-)) short reminder: bring a little bit of your favorite “schocki” with you to Allgäu for our friends from around the world “. We responded accordingly and as a result, on every table of the Europe Center, chocolate appeared as if it came from the horn of abundance.

The activity planning was prepared in advance. Each one of the bigger centers would take care of one of the meals. There would be lectures by our Swiss teachers: Anne, Markus and Matthias; the Swiss centers would present their projects; Amden would have a special presentation and Alain and Päddu,  our Bernese DJ’s, would animate the party on Saturday evening at the Bau Café.

But the Swiss can be flexible as well. The weather was gorgeous and roses, flowers and trees had to be planted! What else to do? The plan was dropped and we did what was needed to be done with a lot of pleasure.

The menus were typically Swiss. On Saturday evening the centers presented their projects and talked about their history: Bern presented its new G14 house; Basel, St. Gallen and Zurich talked about their newest plans. The friends from Luzern offered us “Vo Luzärn gage Wäggis zue” accompanied by a guitar and the typical rocking movement.

In the evening at the Bau Café the DJ’s Päddu and Alain, as well as our bartenders from Amden: Mona, Corinne and René animated the party with good music, drinks and fantastic Swiss “Bergkäse”.

On Sunday, big cleaning action, more planting and a video of the Swiss Stupas rounded the weekend up. It was a fantastic experience. We are all looking forward to repeating it again soon.

As you can see from the headline – we had quite a packed and intensive time during the last weeks…

Lama Ole spent  some days here on a book retreat, which was very successful and the book is almost finished. Just a few more proof readings and we can all look forward to a new book, which will guide us through the process of dying, the bardo state and being reborn again.  Lama Ole had also few free minutes to come outside  and cut the trees which are blocking some of the windows from sun and light.

On Friday the organizers of the next International Summer course came together like every year. The new program for the summer was announced: It will start with a Phowa course and then 4 transmission days both given by Lama Ole with a lot of interesting topics. Whole course will be rounded off with a Mahamudra & Dzogchen three day course and initiation given by Shamar Rinpoche. The main topic of this preparatory weekend was to make the upcoming course more simple and at the same time keep the quality of the previous years.

Last but not least was a meeting with our architecture office, who are preparing the plans for the new gompa and building. Lama Ole liked the proposal, but as everything is still in  process, the final solution was not reached,  just lots of new ideas and new inputs. So we have really something to look forward to!