Opening of the statue exhibition

EC Blog Archive for May, 2010

Many visitors from around the Immenstadt came for our statue exhibition opening last Sunday. Six guided tours were led through the villa by some of our experienced travel teachers. Even though the weather was quite cold, the visitors found their way up to the Europe Center on the hill above the lake Alpsee, Immenstadt. They enjoyed the exhibited Buddhas in the art nouveaux athmosphere, as well as coffee and cake in our construction café and lots of information about buddhism, the villa and us.
The statue exhibition is still to be seen every Sunday from 3 to 5 p.m. until 4th of July when we have the traditional classical Summer matinee. One hour guided tours will be offered at these times every half hour.  You are all welcomed to come and enjoy.

I GO EC is the name of a new project, which was inspired by Lama Ole´s wish to be involved more in international activites. The same way as the Hamburg sangha, that comes to the EC every six weeks, the Czechs decided to organize regular weekend trips. For all friends without cars and also those who want company on the way, the Czechs scheduled a line Brno – Prague – Pilsen – EC and back every two months. There will always be two vans leaving Brno on Friday evening and coming back on Sunday night. This weekend was the pilot one, and it already brought nice success – at the end of the weekend friends did not want to leave the EC and some were immediately trying to find ways to stay here longer or come more often.. simply I GO EC!

The weekend grand finale

(This is a 2nd part of the report from the Russian week. 1st part can be found here.)

From our Russian reporter: Lots of friends joined the Russian week finale on Friday evening and Saturday.

Tolek Sokolov’s Friday lecture was followed by a weekend-opening party at the Bau café. Around midnight, a surprise performance of Russian folk-dances spiced up the party with elaborate traditional costumes and dancing figures (see the video below). Russian sense of humor continued on Saturday during the Russian culture festival. We meditated, worked outside and organized “master-classes” in Russian singing, dancing and cooking.

The cultural highlight of the weekend came on Saturday evening with the concert of a Western Siberia band Drugiye Dyady from the city of Barnaul. They traveled about 6000 km to play their amazing groovy jazz-rock to a great delight of all the 240+ dancing and applauding spectators, including many Immenstadt locals. After 3 joyful and energetic hours of performance they handed the night over to Russian DJs sets.

From the EC team: What do add? During their week at the EC, our Russian friends generously hosted many Austrians, Belgians, Belorussians, a Brazilian, Czechs, Danish, Englishmen, French, Germans, Latvians, a Pole, Scotsmen, Swiss, Ukrainians and a Venezuelan. But in accord with the week’s motto it became clear, that although our passports may be different, there is a bit of a Russian in each of us :)

Thank you for the great week and many new east-bound connections with the EC!

PS: We started to experiment with videos along with the popular photos on our EC blog. Enjoy the first two!


Russian folk dance in the Bau Café

Drugiye Dyady in Immenstadt


With a little delay in posting and big thanks to Vienna sangha, who participated in organization of the event, we are here with the blog from the 5th Transmission weekend!

Whole event started with Friday evening lecture about the transmission of Buddhist art from East to West. As the topic of the whole weekend was quite vast, therefore a basic overview of how Buddhist art and symbolism came to the West was needed.

Saturday morning was dedicated to explanations of the statues, especially the clay statues from Braunsweig or Ladakh. In the afternoon we went into depths of  meanings of  symbols used on thankas, usually connected with meditation practices  in Buddhism. Whole day was rounded by many questions and answers as well as several stories.

On Sunday morning we got the transmission of how thankas are made, especially thankas used in our centers which are mainly made in Karma Gadri style. Despite the fact that deep meaning of symbols is only explained by one’s teacher in connection with particular yidam practice, a knowledge gained during this weekend will certainly help us for better understanding the goal of all Buddhist symbols – understanding the nature of our mind.

From our Russian reporter: Most of our Russian group arrived to the Europe Center on April 31st but our journey started already a few days before in Berlin. There, as an unofficial start of the Russian invasion to the EC, we organized a party for the Big Moskovsky – the new Moscow Buddhist center project. It was our response to the Mila center party in December 2009 in Moscow.

At the EC, we were warmly welcomed home by the residents and soon after we received a direct transmission of how the center works and how to take care of the houses since we are in charge for its functioning during the whole week. Our Russian group took the responsibility for the cooking, the cleaning and taking care of the newcomers and guests. We also prepared and organize the program under the motto: Are you all Russians or what? This was the questions everyone who liked to visit our program this week had to answer while meditating, working and getting to know more about the Russian mind & culture.

Since the start of the week on May 3rd, we are exchanging a lot – the Russians made a presentation of the new center in Boyarsk on the Baikal lake and the new Moscow center and the EC team Beata explained about the history of the houses and presented what was going on at the EC last 12 months and what is planned for future. Marina Viller and Olga Komarova made a lecture about the 17th Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje’s tour through Russia in 2009. On Friday, one of the first traveling teachers in Russia, Tolek Sokolov, made a lecture about the history of Karma Kagyu Buddhists in Russia which has its roots in traditional Buddhist regions like Kalmykia in the 14th century.

But the Russian week is not over – there is still the whole weekend program, including a concert in Immenstadt, ahead of us! Come and join in!