Up on the EC roof…

EC Blog Archive for June, 2010

Up on the EC roof…

June 30th, 2010

The summer sun is back at the EC after a very rainy period. And so Achim, Edwin and the boys are again hard at work on the roof – or rather what will soon be the brandnew roof of the EC’s “Second House”. We’ve learned quite a bit from our skilled experts about roofing with the traditional bavarian beavertail tiles by now. And we are very close to envying them for the breathtaking view of the Villa and the Great Alpsee lake they have from up there. So here’s the view for you – enjoy!

Our cook Fernando and his team take good care that our hard-working guys get nutricious and very tasty Italian food and cappuccino afterwards, and a bit of stretching in the evening does the rest to keep them fit for the next day on the roof. In time for the 3rd International Summer Course, the Second House will have a roof that surely is going to last for a very long time!

Key people weekend

June 28th, 2010

Over the last weekend, the second keypeople meeting of the year took place at the EC. “EC Keypeople” are those who have a function to bring the EC vision and project to life in their own countries, and the focus of the weekend was on exactly this.

With over a dozen countries represented (including distant places like Australia, New Zealand, and the Americas), the thorough conversations proved to be stimulating and fruitful. The crew of about 40 received latest updates, identified important themes to further develop, clarified questions, exchanged ideas about how to connect friends back home to the EC on deeper levels, discussed ways how to encourage support for the renovation and expansion project, and most importantly offered to carry out various tasks ranging from communication to renovation. Perhaps most important was the strengthening and deepening of friendship bonds which reach across the vast expanse of the globe.

Last week many friends from Reutlingen came to kick off our first “ECtropy up!” weekend. “ECtropy up!” is a concept of special work’n’joy weekends organized every couple of months at the Europe Center. The aim is making the EC facilities nicer, cleaner, more useful and organized and saving some money by reusing or selling unused material. And of course, we don’t forget to meditate and have fun.

The Reutlingers cleaned our garden house and built a beautiful and safer bridge to make it more easily accessible for guests. Some of them did a great job inside the villa hosting our neighbours on Saturday and helping with the housekeeping and cooking all weekend long while others worked in the forest or the courtyard. Even the road leading up to the EC improved thanks to them – they filled up all the pot-holes caused by the large amounts of rain during the last weeks and cleaned the drainage system along the roadside.

If you would like to join us individually or with your Sangha friends for working and having fun at the Europe Center, please let us know by sending a mail to join@europe-center.org.

We spent a wonderful day with our local friends from the surrounding farms and villages last weekend. Our neighbours came up to Gut Hochreute for homemade cake, a chat and listening to Beate and Manfred giving two virtuoso musical performances. Of course our guests also got a guided tour of the statue exhibition (open to the public until 04 July, every Sunday 3-5 pm). Some came up with very useful suggestions for the new building after Caty and Philip presented the architects‘ models.

It was a great opportunity for all of us to get to know each other a bit more and to exchange experiences and views. And most of all – for us to say „Dankeschön!“ („Thank you!“) for all the support, openness and warmth our neighbours have shown towards us and the Europe Center during the past years.

We‘re looking forward to welcoming them and hopefully a lot of you again for our Classical Music Summer Matinée under the beautiful EC arcades on 04 July!

Statue Filling Weekend

June 16th, 2010

Last weekend friends skilled in statue filling from many countries – even Australia, Canada and New Zealand – met for the second time here at the EC. They exchanged their knowledge and joined efforts to fill around 80 beautiful buddhist statues within just 48 hours.

Statue filling is an ancient budhist discipline with its own very special transmissions and knowledge. Tibetan buddhist statues embody a profound symbolism that goes far beyond purely artistic expression. The statues serve as inspiration for meditation practice and thereby function as a key opening deep layers in the meditator’s subconscious.

Guided tours of our ongoing statue exhibition in the Villa (German or English) are offered every Sunday between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. until 04 July. You are very welcome to join one of the tours and learn more about the fascinating art of buddhist statues!

To conclude the statue exhibition, a third open air classical concert will be held at Gut Hochreute on 04 July at 11am. As in previous years, our guest artists will give virtuoso performances using the wonderful acoustics of the arcade.

Finally we have a new parking place in front of the EC. In order to create natural borderlines for cars parking up the hill, we planted a dozen of cherry trees – the same way this place looked in the times of the previous house owner.  Our “yard gang” guided by Till, Jürgen, JC and many helpers did a great job. Be prepared for a serious blooming in the spring!

As we want to keep the parking up-the-hill nature-friendly, the number of cars parking up has its limits. The few parking places inside the yard serve for people who live in the houses. Cars that won’t fit on the cherry parking place in front should be always parked on prepaid public parking places in Immenstadt. Visitors coming for busy weekend events can easily use shuttle service we always organize. While registering for an event, don’t forget to write down the shuttle phone number to call to be picked up. Unless, of course, you enjoy nature walks – the short one up to the EC offers the best lake & waterfall views…