Building up the summer course – Impressions (part 1)

EC Blog Archive for July, 2010

For the last weeks we have been astonished every single day how much can be moved and done within a very short amount of time… and in what fine style and great mood, too!

Putting up the huge tents in just a few hours despite pouring rain, preparing and serving three delicious meals each day to a lot of very hard working and hungry friends, organizing and coordinating, shutteling people up and down the hill, doing laundry and making beds, driving ten-ton-trucks, forklifts and containers back and forth whereever they’re needed, keeping the houses in shape and running… there’s absolutely no way of mentioning all the activities going on during the course preparations. And above all, there is still enough time to meditate, listen to travel teachers’ lectures and celebrate together as well, of course.

So we will just try to give you an idea of the fantastic atmosphere by posting some miscellaneous pictures taken during the last weeks… more to come during the next days! To all the helpers who have been here, are here at the moment and will be here during and after the course – thank you so much for your amazing support!

Putting up the gompa tent

July 26th, 2010

Last Friday morning a van full of strong men, and a couple of trucks loaded with metal rods and plastic sheets, parked at the highest plateau on our land. Five hours of well coordinated work and pouring rain later, the plateau was covered by a tent that will be the gompa for the 3rd International Summer Course. How did this happen? Watch this video to find out!

Shortly before the 3rd International Summer Course, we would like to take you on a virtual tour through our beautiful EC Villa…

Our resident conservator Beate and a team of diligent and skilled helpers put great effort into the preservation of the almost 100 years old, monument-protected building all year around. It’s their everyday challenge to restore the art nouveau building according to both our needs as an International Buddhist center and the monument protection laws. The original antique furniture combines somewhat naturally with our statues and thangkas, and the “Inner Beauty” team has come up with amazing ways of finding inexpensive fabrics and interior pieces to brush up the looks of the house.

When you come to the Europe Center for the first time, please ask one of the residents to take you on a tour, we would be very happy to show you around. The house will be open during the summer course and we will organize guided tours to make sure everyone interested gets a chance to see our beautiful EC home anyway!

For now, here’s the photographic tour through the villa – welcome home!

Last week started with a three day visit by Lama Ole at the EC.  An inspiring sangha meeting with him on Tuesday gave us a wonderful opportunity to get answers to questions and challenges arising in daily Europe Center life.

Around 200 friends e.g. from the Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Australia and Germany came for the 2nd Summer Course Build-up Weekend. Pretty close to the speed of light, they built up both the kitchen and the cafeteria tent. On Saturday, a downpour of app. 20l per squaremeter in 15 minutes only started when the tents already had their roof – so the installation of the wooden floor could continue despite the very wet conditions. When the sun was back on Sunday, we enjoyed breakfast and lunch on the terrace and went on with the work both on the 2nd House’s roof and the Summer Course areal after a long evening with an inspiring lecture on Buddhism by Kerstin, meditating together and enjoying a great party at the Baucafé.

The 3rd International EC Summer Course is getting very close – kicking of 03 August. Please remember to register online in time – and of course you’re more than welcome to join our build-up phase whenever and for how long you wish! Just send a mail in advance to to let us know about your stay.

The sun was shining all through last sunday’s 3rd Classical Music Matinée under the art nouveau arcades of Gut Hochreute. Six great artists took us on a musical journey to the “New World” with their virtuoso performances, inspired by the 4th of July – American Independence Day.

The four stringplayers of the “Rossini Streichquartett”, pianist Fabio Ceroni of the Munich State Opera house and stunning mezzosoprano Sibylle Wolf gave sweeping performances of e.g. Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” or Gershwin’s famous “Rapsody in Blue”.

The matinée has become a wonderful EC tradition of winding up the statue exhibition with a cultural highlight for the region. We celebrated both with lots of homemade cake and coffee afterwards and are already looking forward to next year’s exhibiton and matinée. Many thanks to all the friends who made this such a joy and big success!