Summer Course Memories

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Summer Course Memories

August 30th, 2010

Here are some beautiful photo impressions taken by Wolfgang from Hamburg during the Summer Course. Yes – there was a loooot of rain – however, clearly there was even more fun, friendship and cosiness all around! :-)

The transmission days with Lama Ole made us understand our roots and the wider context and backgroud of our own work and practice.  We learned all about Lama Ole and Hannah’s years with dharma after their first meeting with the Lamas in the East, their inspiration from studying with yogis, and all the stories about the work in the West.  This is why we are deeply thankful for the situation we are now in with established centres all around the world and great opportunities to meditate and study dharma. To read about history is one thing, but to be in the presence of the Lama together with sangha “family” was something really unique.

Good old friends

August 14th, 2010

The Transmission Days could not happen without the presence of good old friends of Lama Ole, who spent a lot of time with him traveling, organizing, planning or teaching dharma. Present among our vast family are: Caty, Tomek, Gabi, Leif, Maxi, Erik, Wojtek, Karola, Magie, Manfred, Bernhard, Kerstin, Gerhard, Ronald, Sasha, Rüdiger, Wolfgang, Jesper, Pit, Meike, Didi, Mäc, Mira, Kai, Marianne, Zsuzsa, Karol, Juliane, Grisha, Marta and many others who are enrichenig Lama Ole´s talk with their input, interesting questions and stories. A team of dozens of friends had prepared lots of data and sorted memories of the past in order to update the Diamond Way history timeline. In huge tables and files, our history is written down and checked by many bright heads.

For the photos we thank this time to Jan and Ginger :)

The first day of Transmission week in the EC brought lots of stories as well as excitement for upcoming sessions. The talk began with 1968, when Lama Ole and Hannah went to Nepal on their honeymoon where they met with the highest teachers of our lineage. The Lama  also spoke briefly of an even earlier time, when young Ole and Hannah met for the first time. Ole was 10 and Hannah was only5 years old…

After the stories of childhood and wild times at university, we traveled to the Himalayas where Lama Ole and Hannah recieved blessing from Lobpon Tsechu Rinpoche, teachings from Kalu Rinpoche in Sonada and blessing and first instructions from the greatest and most revered spiritual teacher 16. Karmapa Rangjung Rigpe Dorje. The stories were  accompanied by photos and felt vivid and alive. It was like being present in those old times…

The Phowa (tib.: Conscious Dying) course with 1.300 people as the first part of the 3rd International EC Summer Course was successfully completed yesterday.

Sunday night brought the beginning of a whole week dedicated entirely to talks and lectures with and by Lama Ole about 40 years of bringing Diamond Way Buddhism to the West. Lama Ole and friends will recall stories from the past and explain the reasons and backgrounds of developments and decisions made that formed the way we practice Buddhism today. Please join in via live streaming if you cannot be here!

The 3rd International Summer Course at the EC began three days ago.  Like last year, Lama Ole is giving a conscious dying practice (tib. Phowa) to hundreds of people from all over the world.  Phowa is a method through which we can consciously work with our mind in the last moment of our life.  Phowa is not just a preparation for the moment of death, but it also leads us to develop inner richness and a joyful life.

Keeping with summer course tradition, the nice and sunny days here have of course turned cold and rainy.  But we’re keeping warm with ginger tea and good jokes :)

Check the atmosphere of the course in the photos from Matt Balara.

Thanks to Matt from Australia we got some more pictures from the finishing of the course build-up that we could not possibly keep away from you.

So here’s a walk around the cafeteria tent with the “World’s Best” shop, the “Meet & Connect” area, coffee bar, the “I Grow EC” stand and Paul’s famous job center – as well as some impressions from the communication team meeting in our “Baucafe” and from the kitchen tent – with pretty much everything ready to go for the course!

Right on time for the summer course kick-off tonight – here’s some more shots taken during the last days of the build-up phase.

We’re very much looking forward to welcoming you here within the next days. However, if you cannot make it to Allgäu this time, you can still join in via live streaming from the lectures with Lama Ole during the Transmission Week and by watching the space on this blog, of course! We’ll keep you updated as well as we can.