Ngöndro weekend with Traveling Teachers

EC Blog Archive for November, 2010

On the last weekend the EC hosted the Ngöndro days with several traveling teachers, who explained  the background teachings for Foundational Practices to around 60 people. Inspired by the program we had guests from close and also far away centers.

During these days we could hear the voices of Karola Schneider, Charlotte Jorgensen, Hinrich Vollmer, Roman Laus and Frank Huhn talking about teacher and student relationship,  the meaning of refuge, Bodhisattva attitude, cause and effect and the two accumulations. On Saturday evening there was a session of Questions and Answers with all the speakers.  We went deeper into our practice during a longer meditation sessions and it again showed us how important is to meditate together.

For the Ngöndro weekend more than 30 friends from Berlin sangha came to run the EC and thanks to them the EC Team could attend the full program and also get to know the Berliners better!

ITAS workshop

November 22nd, 2010

Again a weekend is over in the Europe Center. For the first time we had the pleasure to host an ITAS weekend here. For those who don’t know ITAS, ITAS is the International Institute for Tibetan and Asian Studies based in lovely Karma Guen in Spain. Around 20 people came to talk about how ITAS can bring the most benefit to as many beings as possible in the longest time. They talked about the future and the present: processes of ITAS, new IT projects, e-Learning, financial issues and much more. Finally they could meet in one place which gives a lot of possibilities to exchange opinions, make clarifications and get to know each other better. That is one of the reasons why we have the Europe Center – meet and connect!

Other friends came for a weekend to help and enjoy the time together. Everyone found their areas to work and time to meditate. Finally every evening all of us met at the Bau-Cafe – the most famous bar in the world ;)

After the ITAS workshop was over the EC Team came together on Sunday evening to do the Phowa practice – like all other Diamondway Centers around the world we do it 4 times a year (including summer course). That night the full moon was extremely breathtaking…

This weekend the Europe Center was invaded by some 100 bavarians! It was about time, since it is located in the big German federal state of Bavaria. The Bavarian centers were and are much involved in the long process of finding the EC and building it up afterwards – and of course they can get here within a very short amount of time. Therefore they are quite important to keep the Europe Center running.

We heard very inspiring stories about the history of the EC and of Buddhism in Bavaria from the “old dogs”, brainstormed how to get the Bavarian sanghas even more actively involved in the Europe Center activities, and learnt a lot about the world-famous Bavarian culture – especially about the delicious food and the traditional clothing – “Dirndl” dresses and leather trousers. And the translators had an extra-challenging job this time – they had to translate from Bavarian dialect to English – and vice versa, of course!

Oh… if you should be wondering if accidentally some summer pictures slipped in between – this is not the case. We had “Weißwurst” brunch outside in the sun –  in the middle of November and weeks after the first snow in Allgäu. Anything is possible in Bavaria! ;-)

Another EC day dawning…

November 6th, 2010

It’s November, it’s Immenstadt – and that means we have another good reason to get up early. One beautiful sunrise is followed by the next. Here’s just two of them… but we might have to post follow-ups because it’s just breathtaking and veeery romantic almost every morning. ;-)

A brand new Diamond Room Gompa!

November 1st, 2010

Thanks to the efforts of the Brühl sangha and our resident restaurator Beate, our gompa for big events – the Diamond Room – really shines now. They spent the weekend neatly covering the walls with a white fire-proof fabric. And as if that was not enough, the Brühlers also refurnished the hallway in the Villa’s basement, carefully srcubbing the monument-protected walls with a paintbrush, then white-washing them and putting a new ceiling. The hallway appears so much wider and brighter now!

In between, everyone watched live-streaming from the Braunschweig center meeting, meditated together and enjoyed their morning tea in the sunshine.

It’s a nice example of what can be achieved with the joint efforts of just one small group of friends. If your sangha has an idea or would like to help with such a project, please just let us know. It’s a great way of growing together as a sangha and making our jewel Europe Center shine even more!