Bavarian Weekend – des woar a Gaudi!
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This weekend the Europe Center was invaded by some 100 bavarians! It was about time, since it is located in the big German federal state of Bavaria. The Bavarian centers were and are much involved in the long process of finding the EC and building it up afterwards – and of course they can get here within a very short amount of time. Therefore they are quite important to keep the Europe Center running.

We heard very inspiring stories about the history of the EC and of Buddhism in Bavaria from the “old dogs”, brainstormed how to get the Bavarian sanghas even more actively involved in the Europe Center activities, and learnt a lot about the world-famous Bavarian culture – especially about the delicious food and the traditional clothing – “Dirndl” dresses and leather trousers. And the translators had an extra-challenging job this time – they had to translate from Bavarian dialect to English – and vice versa, of course!

Oh… if you should be wondering if accidentally some summer pictures slipped in between – this is not the case. We had “Weißwurst” brunch outside in the sun –  in the middle of November and weeks after the first snow in Allgäu. Anything is possible in Bavaria! ;-)

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