Ngöndro weekend with Traveling Teachers
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On the last weekend the EC hosted the Ngöndro days with several traveling teachers, who explained  the background teachings for Foundational Practices to around 60 people. Inspired by the program we had guests from close and also far away centers.

During these days we could hear the voices of Karola Schneider, Charlotte Jorgensen, Hinrich Vollmer, Roman Laus and Frank Huhn talking about teacher and student relationship,  the meaning of refuge, Bodhisattva attitude, cause and effect and the two accumulations. On Saturday evening there was a session of Questions and Answers with all the speakers.  We went deeper into our practice during a longer meditation sessions and it again showed us how important is to meditate together.

For the Ngöndro weekend more than 30 friends from Berlin sangha came to run the EC and thanks to them the EC Team could attend the full program and also get to know the Berliners better!

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