Buddha statues seem to be the secret central theme in June

EC Blog Archive for June, 2011

Once again whilst many guests enjoyed the beauty and richness of the statue exhibition in the villa, a group of friends skilled in statue filling got together in the Diamond room. For the third year they  met  in the EC to exchange their knowledge and joint efforts to fill many statues from friends around the world.

Statue filling is an ancient Buddhist discipline with its own very special transmissions and knowledge. Tibetan Buddhist statues embody a profound symbolism that goes far beyond purely artistic expression. The statues serve as inspiration for meditation practice and thereby function as a key to opening deep layers in the meditator’s subconscious.

Everyone knows that the Summer Course Team meeting has become far more than just an organizational event to discuss administrative issues. It is a meeting of old friends, and one can only imagine how strong the friendship is, that has been built up while sharing many hours of hard work, be it in the kitchen, cleaning or driving shuttle cars up and down.

The weekend started with a lecture from Kai Burmeister who shared the history of the EC project. Kai told us about the Lama’s vision, the work of the inspired people who were trying to implement that vision for almost 10 years, the success of buying of our beautiful Europe Center and of it’s running for the last 3 years.

The topic of this weekend was not only Summer Course issues, but also the main topic of the upcoming course – the start of the fund-raising campaign for the new buildings “More EC”.  Stands with information about the campaign will appear on all the main courses of this summer- Karma Guen, Kuchary, Tenovice, Becke and Lolland, but the main kick-off will be at the International Summer Course.

The teams discussed not only organizational questions, but also the spirit of the Summer Course – working out of surplus, human development and our idealistic view. It is not only important to work well as separate teams, but also to be interconnected with other teams and share information.

The last day of the meeting, as is usual for this time of the year, is also the public statue exhibition at the EC. We are grateful to all the SCT meeting participants who helped us to clean, prepare the house and to represent the Lama in the most beautiful way.