Building up phase is coming to an end

EC Blog Archive for July, 2011

We asked some friends to tell us what they think, what they feel being at the EC during the preparation time. See the EC trough their eyes :)

„We are so quick! Everything is smooth – the EC and the Summer Course teams are working perfectly together.”

Ingo from Germany

„After four years, it is clear how important it is to meet regularly over the years and spend some time together in order to make the team cooperate more smoothly. And this year many people have surplus, many things are done much earlier.”

Roman from Czech Republic

„Amazing build up with lots of friends from all over the world with lots of surplus.”

Sven from Germany

„Being at the Europe Center is incredible. So many people gather, share their skills, discover new dimensions, and gain from the exchange. Everything always fits perfectly.”

John from USA

„Great building-up phase! More relaxed then ever, a lot of fun and a good mood everywhere! A lot of people but still a cosy atmosphere.”

Ricarda from Germany

„Coming here, especially, from Australia, is amazing. You can really see the potential, and how much our Lama inspires people. So much activity, so much joyful effort and so many deep connections developing so fast! I’m so glad I can be a part ot it every year and wish that everyone have the conditions to join in!”

Matt from Australia

On the one hand a time is passing very quickly here, during the build-up phase of the International Summer Course, on the other hand we can not agree with the calendar: for us a few days here feels more like weeks.. :) Sometimes our posts on the blog are not as fast as the work outside and also in the offices – we want to show you some „old” photos of the moments of preparing the floor in the gompa tent and moments of sharing work and fun.

Nowadays we have a few sunny days after a lot of rainy hours. So when you consider that the mud outside the gompa tent was similar to that inside the tent, you can imagine how difficult it was to set up a wooden floor. The work is not only happening with construction or building up the course. We have a bunch of friends who at the same time are quietly working on their computers – preparing the moreEC campaign, graphics, registration systems, program schedules, translations and much much more.

Of course we are not only working: we have lectures of the traveling teachers who are here (like John from the US or Peter from Spain), movie evenings, late night talks and – surprisingly – parties in the Bau-Cafe :)

..and only a few days and we meet with our Lamas and thousands of our friends! Life is great at the EC!

The renewal of the EC villa’s roof is well on the way – and it will be a very special roof: 14.000 tiles will cover the villa for at least a century – and we want every single one of them to have a wish for the benefit of all on it! So next time you come to the Europe Center, just “buy” as many roof tiles as you like – for whichever “price” you like – and write your wishes on them. All these donations will be used to support the new EC buildings.

You can also take your own piece of the house home or give it to a friend as a present – an old roof tile, sealed with the Diamond Way firewheel.
Diamond Way Buddhist Centers and Groups can pre-order a special rounded tile that will later go onto the top of the roof for 108 Euros by e-mail. The whole sangha can write their wishes on one – like the Hamburgers already did.

Lama Ole already wrote his wish on a sealed tile after returning from working in the forest this week – “For timeless growth of our Diamond Way!”. Lama Ole’s other wish that is going to be one of the thousands covering our EC villa:

“May all who stood here obtain every goal!”

Here comes the sun – after three days of monsoon-like rain, we finally dared to take a camera outside to show you the results of the hard work that has been going on regardless of the weather.

Many friends stayed to help after the 2nd build-up weekend, and we have never seen the big tents go up in such a short time. So many people having so much fun together despite being soaked to the bones while putting them up. We are truely amazed at the spirit in this year’s build-up phase and would like to thank everyone who came for their great support and diligence!

And then there was a very special supporter of the work – following a movie night together in the Diamond Room, Lama Ole joined the boys for some serious wood chipping behind the barn. Afterwards he returned to his desk to work on projects like an interview for “Buddhism Today” together with Caty and the team.

Still there is of course looots of work left until the course starts – so please come, put up your tent in the sunshine and join the fun!

On the pictures you can also see the new dishwashing machine for the course. No more bringing your own dishes and cleaning them yourself afterwards – just pick up plate and cutlery and enjoy the service! :)

On Sunday evening Lama Ole arrived at the EC directly after a phowa course in the Czech Republic. He will spend a few project days here before he leaves to Stupkalnis in Lithuania. On Monday we joined him on the walk around our property looking from the highest points of the land onto the Summer course building site. The Lama enjoyed the forest and he showed everybody the places he walked with the 17th Karmapa on his first visit to the Europe Center in 2007. To get the impression see the photos from Anastasia from Russia.

The building up phase for the 4th International Summer Course at the Europe Center started last weekend. Many friends came from Russia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands and other countries to join the kick-off.

In beautiful sunny summer weather, the pick-ups, trucks, and forklifts were constantly driven up and down the hill with tons of wooden bars for the kitchen floor. The hardworking friends putting them together on the course site were supplied with refreshments and sun protection by others whenever it was needed. Saturday night was relaxing time – chatting and dancing in the Baucafé after looking at the plans for the new EC building.

Step by step, the kitchen floor, stairways, and some security fences as protection at the steeper parts of the grounds are being built up. All over the place the familiar beeps of the walkie-talkies could be heard…  it feels like summer course a bit already! ;-) The course site is growing by the day – people are arriving,  staying to help and enjoying each other’s company.

We all loved the family-like atmosphere and and felt at home as alyways. Thanks to the EC team and everyone involved!

The EC-addicted North Sanghas

We greatly appreciate that our neighbors and locals from the towns around in general are very open and supportive when it comes to the Europe Center and its activities. To say thank you we organize – already since our first year at the Gut Hochreute – two events: the Neighbors’ Day (with barbeque and cakes, this year baked with love by a group of Danish beauties) and the Classical Summer Matinée with live classical music and a late „Weißwurst-Frühstück“).

It all developed into a lovely tradition. This year, there were more visitors than ever and an amazing concert focused on Italian classics like Rossini. After each piece, the three artists from amongst our Buddhist friends received a great applause and at the end they had to add two pieces before the audience let them go. A relaxed weekend atmosphere amongst friends. Thank you Immenstadt!