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more EC mornings…

October 30th, 2011

Autumn mornings in Allgäu frequently transform the surroundings of our EC into a magical mystery fairy tale wonderland…. we wanted to share some impressions. Enjoy!

Last week Lama Ole arrived for some project days at the EC after giving lectures in Hungary and the Czech Republic for as many as 2000 people in Budapest.

Upon arrival he surprised the EC sangha with a spontaneous session of questions and answers in the Diamond Room gompa – and afterwards joined a movie night for the benefit of moreEC.

Lama Ole and a film team spent the first project day recalling the decades of bringing Diamond Way Buddhism from Tibet to the West, filming a documentary movie about his wife Hannah Nydahl. In between he was photographed for a book of portrait pictures of Diamond Way practitioners that will be sold for the moreEC campaign.

As usual during his work days at the EC, emails by Lama Ole’s students were answered and project meetings took place. Also, a letter to all his students was written that will be sent out to the worldwide sangha soon.

Another interview was filmed on the villa’s terrace overviewing the Great Alpsee lake on the third project day. This material will be used to inform about Lama Ole’s book “Buddha and Love” in several countries, especially the USA, where the long-awaited English translation is going to be published soon.

After climbing one of the highest trees surrounding the EC, Lama Ole and Caty rounded off the last project day by meeting and meditating with the EC sangha and guests. On Friday morning after blessing a newlywed couple, it was time to say goodbye for now with the Lama leaving for the annual German center meeting in Braunschweig on Friday.

Time and again, Lama Ole´s project days give an insight into the tremendous amounts of work he does joyfully every day for the benefit of all beings.

Only a week after Lama Ole finished a tour of the Nordic countries, many Danes, Finns, Norwegians, and Swedes made their way down to Bavaria to meet again – this time at the EC for the Nordic Country Weekend.

The weather could not have been more welcoming to the Vikings –  icy temperatures at night and warm sunshine with bright blue autumn skies all day long. The perfect setting for the Finnish “Outside adventure”, which saw brilliant performances in disciplines like wheelbarrow races. ;-)

For the sanghas of the North, it was a nice opportunity to come together, get to know each other, and focus on the exchange of experiences. Denmark is going to celebrate 40 years of Buddhism in the West next year – we learned a lot about the roots of Buddhism in Western Europe this weekend.

Following the wishes of their teacher, H.H. the 16th Karmapa, Lama Ole and his wife Hannah started one of the first Buddhist Centers in the West in their hometown of Copenhagen in the beginning of the 1970s, after returning from meditating and studying Buddhism for years in the East. Karmapa visited the North for the first time in 1974. Leif Andersen, a contemporary witness and international traveling teacher today, shared lots of inspiring memories and showed pictures from these times. Diamond Way Buddhism in the West started in Skandinavia and Graz – with over 600 centers around the world today.

Rounding up an evening of questions and answers with traveling teachers from all present Nordic countries, the Baucafé saw a very joyful party at night – viking style, of course! This did not stop anyone from showing very informative presentations and telling about the ongoings in their home sanghas on Sunday. Even the very young Icelandic sangha sent greetings and a portrait of their meditation group in Reykjavik via video.

It was certainly a weekend of many new friendships and connections – with lots of fun and tasty regional specialities in and in between the lectures and meetings. Inspired by this weekend, the next and from now on annual meeting of the Nordic sanghas was already fixed for next year in Sweden.

Last weekend we had a wonderful experience here at the Europe Center. It was a bit rainy and cold, so we were more than happy to stay inside for a weekend, eager to learn about the masters and mistresses of the Karma Kagyu lineage.

Manfred Seegers kicked off the weekend with the opening lecture. He explained buddhist terminology and told us that at the end of the packed weekend, we should understand what “Kagyu” means, and if not we would need to start again!

On Saturday morning Kerstin Seifert gave the first of two sessions entitled “Indian and Tibetan origins of our lineage”, and gave us an insight into many of the un-named great female masters of the lineage and of what it might have been like to be Buddhist at that time.

Manfred continued in the afternoon, taking us over the mountains from Indian to Tibet and into the time of the Karmapas. On Saturday evening Kerstin and Manfred were joined by Detlev Goebel from “Buddhism Today” for a question and answer session – with a brief interruption in proceedings for the EC to be connected to Poland, Latvia and other countries for a MoreEC evening via live streaming.

On Sunday the amazing duo concluded the weekend with explanations on the meaning of Guru Yoga practice on the 16th Karmapa and its use through our foundational practices. The perfect end to a wonderfully inspiring weekend!

more_Wishes on the EC roof

October 9th, 2011

The dedicated work of the past summer months by the EC roof team is coming to an end – half of the new villa’s roof is almost finished and shining. For the other half, which is to be retiled in 2012, we need your wishes!

As you might know by now – it is not “just” a solid new roof. Our EC villa will be covered by your wishes for the benefit of all. All the wishes already made during and around the summer course are now on the roof – thanks to our professional roof expert Edwin and his team, not a single one of them broke in the tiling process. The wishes of our precious teachers like Shamar Rinpoche, Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche, Lama Toensang and Lama Ole Nydahl were already placed on the very top of the roof in the middle.

You can buy tiles to write your individual wishes or those of your home sangha directly at the EC when you come or you send them to us by mail and we write them on a tile in your name. All money is collected exclusively for moreEC.

A roof tile with your individual wishes:
suggested donation: 2 Euros or more

An edge roof tile for Diamond Way Buddhist Centers, groups and sanghas:
suggested donation: 108 Euros or more
Of course you can buy as many as you like individually or as a center/group.

It’s easy to place your roof tile order:
1) Write down your wishes
2) Send a mail with your group’s or center’s complete contact information, amount of tiles and your wishes to Frauke:
2) Please transfer the money to the respective national accounts with the listed here and write only “Spende Europazentrum” as the reason for payment.

And last but not least  – please don’t forget to come as soon as you can to spend some time under a roof that is being built to last longer than 100 years and consists of your wishes.

In case you think we’re blogging a little bit much about tree climbing at the moment… we agree and promise to stop after this post – at least for a while. ;-)

However, the view we had last weekend from the old spruce behind the Baucafé is something we definitely want to share! Equipped with professional climbing gear and well-secured thanks to the expertise of Jürgen and JC, we made our way up the huge tree – it is something close to 40m in height. So hopefully you enjoy the view as much as we did!

Apple action

October 4th, 2011

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, as they say…

Well, it was a few more than just one apple that we shook and picked from the trees in the courtyard today – it was literally raining apples! Turns out there were so many this year that we now have 200 liters of tasty, EC grown apple juice for you to enjoy here. Or take a 5 or 10 l pack home to your friends! Please just ask us before we run out. :)