Casino Royale Night
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The EC Villa magically turned into a glamourous casino last weekend – for the benefit of moreEC, of course!

Who knows more about glamour than the Austrians – so thanks to the Graz Sangha, everything from the red carpet to the chips to the handsome croupiers was perfectly organized. We just had to take a seat at the poker, Black Jack or Roulette table and play – after taking part in what was certainly one of the best-dressed meditation sessions ever seen at the EC. ;-)

The fact that no one was going to get a single cent for themselves out of it or that only fake cigars were permitted did not stop us from discovering hidden and quite passionate gambling talents in our friends – some did not get up once for hours from the poker table, others spent the whole night at the Roulette, now looking forward to retreat days at the Buddhist Retreat Center in Graz for their friends instead of money.

Enough said – we think that the pictures speak for themselves, so there are a lot of them this time.

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