Christmas at the EC

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Christmas at the EC

December 30th, 2011

Christmas evening at the EC was one to remember. We started with a 16th Karmapa Meditation, followed by a show and a festive dinner in the beautifully decorated main hall and the dining room of the villa.

One of the funniest things was the “Wichteln”. Everybody gave and got one non-material gift each, like going on a hike with Jürgen, or snowboarding with Florian. So in the coming weeks, these presents will bring friends closer together, and people who sometimes did not even know each other before.

The evening was rounded off with dancing in the Baucafé and playing some games with a very international group – most of those games are apparently known all around the world across different cultures.

by Marie

Lama Ole quite frequently spends his project days at the Europe Center. Therefore we worked on a concept to get the most out of those days and weeks for everyone.

On the one hand, we need to make sure that the Lama and his team have enough time to focus on writing books or articles, answering his students’ mails or working on other projects that need very focused attention. On the other hand, many friends come during those weeks and we want them to get the  most of what the Europe Center is about – connecting on a worldwide level and meditating and learning together.

Frank Huhn was asked by Lama Ole to teach Buddhism many years ago and kindly agreed to guide the first open meditation retreat during the project days. With an average of approximately 80 people on site each day, we practiced together up to five times a day, listened to lectures and talks in the evening and had lots of time to exchange during the meals and in between the sessions.

In between work, Lama Ole found the time to guide meditations and give blessing, as well as for a moreEC movie night in the Diamond Room. He answered questions in personal interviews for hours and started a 12 hour meditation on the 16th Karmapa before leaving for lectures in Poland, Austria, Slovakia and Greece.

Actually – there is no business as usual at the EC. Every day is different and brings all kinds of challenges on many levels. So we caught up randomly with just some of the activity going on all over the place to give you some impressions.

Olena from Ukraine for example spent most of the time organizing her home country’s moreEC via the internet. Ewa and Janosh spent days carefully restoring some walls in the villa, while others wrapped our moreEC “retreat huts” for the New Year’s course in Hamburg.

Leonie, Alexandra and Ilona took care of bookkeeping and guest registration in the office, Frank gave explanations on meditation practice in the Yellow room, and our EC electrician Jörg fixed some lamps in the basement of the villa.

Bernd, Jürgen and Frank brought our Christmas tree inside. And – to really get us into a holiday mood – it also finally snowed. A lot!

The snow team ploughed the snow on the road and in the courtyard with the tractor several times a day to enable the cars to go up and down from Immenstadt. The heavy snowstorm loosened a metal board on the roof – so JC climbed up to fix it.

Besides all these activities, of course we also found the time to meditate in the cosy gompa and enjoy winter outside. To warm us up again afterwards, Sonia, Frauke and Henkjan cooked a delicious Italian dinner – for everyone to enjoy some time together before the holidays and to raise some money for moreEC.

Happy holidays from the EC team to everyone










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Americas Raffle for moreEC

December 24th, 2011

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December 18th, 2011

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Greetings to the world

December 17th, 2011

One of the EC Sangha’s annual holiday traditions is taking a cosy evening to sign the EC New Year’s cards together. They are sent to each of the over 600 Diamond Way Buddhist Centers as well as several teachers and friends worldwide – that makes it just about 800 cards to sign. ;-)

We left a blank space on the cards for a good reason. Finally arriving home after a delayed journey back from South America, Lama Ole and Caty decided to ignore their jetlag and diligently signed every single one of the cards. While signing, they shared some stories from Lama Ole’s recent tour through North and South America.