Our daily life at the Europe Center

EC Blog Archive for January, 2012

For the last 4 years, since we bought our beautiful Europe Center, I’ve had a dream to visit it not only during the Summer Course. And dreams came true. On the 1st of January one handsome knight brought us to the EC. I spent 5 amazing days in our EC. What can I say. This place is totally different in daily life. It’s very quiet, but still has a lot of power at the same time.

Time runs very fast there: you wake up, meditate, help to make dinner or do something else in the villa, then again – meditation, dinner and evening meditation and nice talks with friends, full of fun and then the next day!

In the beginning of January there were not so many people at the EC. Many residents had gone traveling. Mostly there were guests from different countries – Germany, Austria, Russia, USA, Canada, Denmark. Every Wednesday there is a center meeting at the EC. People living in Immenstadt come for this meeting, which is held in the Diamond room. After the meeting there is always time for some nice jokes and talks about what’s happening in the Diamond Way centers around the world. This time Jana from Moscow told us about the moreEC campaign in Moscow. On Thursdays there’s a German evening. People come for meditation from Immenstadt and the meditation is guided in German.

When we arrived, there was a bit of snow on the hills, but the day before leaving, a storm started and covered the entire EC with a snowy blanket. Which meant not only a beautiful view, but also a lot of work for the guys and tractors, clearing the road.

It was not so easy to leave the EC. To meditate in a gompa surrounded by Buddhas, to work together and just to relax – all of it gives you a feeling that you are really at home. Home, to where you always want to come back.

Welcome Home! Now I know, what it means.

by Marina from St Petersburg

Those of us, whose did not go to Hamburg at New Year, celebrated together at the EC. We started off early in the day by joining in the 12hr meditation on the 16th Karmapa. Towards of the end of the meditation the practitioners in the gompa appeared to be not just the usual bunch of international sangha and guests, but possibly from further afield! ;-) Not happy with just internationality at the EC, we went intergalactic, with the Sci-Fi theme for our celebrations….enjoy!