EC Blog Archive for April, 2012


April 10th, 2012

After weeks of very convincing spring temperatures, singing birds and blossoming flowers – we woke up to winter once again on Easter Sunday. For those who were not sure about it until now – it is definitely never too late or too early for snow in Allgäu! ;-)


The Spanish-Ukrainian country weekend at the EC started with sunny Spanish weather and ended with rather typical Ukrainian weather…

Many friends not only from the hosting countries gathered to share experiences from both countries and to get to know each other and the Europe Center better.

One of the youngest Ukrainian representatives in a traditional embroidered shirt welcomed guests and residents with a refreshing drink (smoked dried fruits and water) and tiny chocolates with Ukrainian landmarks. Soon after, the Spanish sangha joined the opening event.

Saturday started with a typical Ukrainian breakfast and meditating together.  The Ukrainian sangha presented their projects and milestones of Buddhist activity in their country. As the Spanish friends put it: “Everyone knows Spain: “We have sun, wine and Karma Guen. Ukraine has to show the map first.” So, we started with the map.

After lunch, Traveling teachers from both countries shared their wisdom about Buddhist refuge and answered questions. The Spanish sangha’s presentation before common the meditation wrapped up our exchange of information about the two countries.

Late at night, the Baucafé became a melting pot: traditional Ukrainian and Spanish dances, songs and a quiz about both countries, snacks and talking.

On Sunday, the Spanish sangha took over the kitchen and later on waved good-bye to leaving guests.

We learned that we have much more in common than we thought (in addition to Buddha nature, football, “mañana” and pork… ).
It is always a joy to work, to meditate, and to have fun together!

— by the Spanish and Ukrainian Sangha —