“108 Ways for efficient center meetings” workshop

EC Blog Archive for May, 2012

Friends from the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Germany came to learn how to get the most out of organizational meetings at their home Buddhist centers.

On this weekend we shared knowledge and experience both from Buddhist point of view and from the technical point of view of group facilitation. Everyone agreed that the ideal basis for joyful and efficient center meetings with meaningful results is an atmosphere of good style and respect for each others’ different qualities and skills.

We started with an introductory round in the garden, exchanging experience from our activities in the centers and meditation groups we are from. In the course of this weekend, we learned a lot about how to communicate without misunderstandings, how to overcome such and dissolve other hindrances in communication and group processes.

Last but not least, we became very aware that the goal is not to always be perfect in what we do –  our common development is the most important thing – and to enjoy efficient team work together.

Outside spring action

May 25th, 2012

After a long winter with a lot of tree cutting activity (we also want to use our own wood for the construction of our new building), we had a big task cleaning up all outside areas.

The last two weekends a lot of this work was done with the energetic help of some Czech friends. Working together was a joyful way of once again strengthening the bonds between the EC and the Czech sangha. Thanks to Volker and Fabian we now have a new and bigger sandbox for the playground in our courtyard. Many fathers helped to build it and the kids observed the construction work closely. ;-)

Success in Zoning Lawsuit

May 12th, 2012

Dearest friends,   Great news! Today the city of Immenstadt won the court case against the zoning for the master plan of our new building project. From now on there should be no more hindrances in completing the EC, and we will start building in the spring of 2013. The necessary permissions will be handed [...]

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Springtime in Allgäu

May 11th, 2012

Spring is definitely back – and so is a lot of action as well as the scaffolding around the EC Villa.

Many friends came to help with some thorough spring cleaning both inside and outside of the EC; Abel is working on the brand new interiors of our dormitories in the villa basement, and Edwin and his team started with the renewal of the front and left side of the villa’s roof, following on from the back and the right side already redone last year. We hope that they find the time to look around despite the work – to enjoy the lively colors of Allgäu in spring!

During the weekend of April 21-22, the long-planned meeting finally took place. Friends from different editorial boards of our magazines found a free window in their tight schedules to meet.

Did you know that our oldest magazines – the German Buddhismus Heute and Polish Diamentowa Droga – have already published more than 50 issues? This means more than 25 years of work. At the same time, we have enthusiastic friends in “new Buddhist countries” who are about to prepare their first issues.

This was also the reason why the meeting took place – to get to know our history, our ways of working, different conditions in different countries, to share experiences and materials, and above all to get to know each other.

The meeting was attended by friends from Germany, Poland, The Czech Republic, France, Greece, the USA, Estonia, and Venezuela,. We had a lot to share and also a lot of fun.

On Saturday morning Detlev told us about the history of the German Buddhismus Heute magazine. He also showed us the very first issues from the time without printers, fax machines and cell phones. In the afternoon our friends from the Polish Diamentowa Droga presented their workflow and familiarized us with the process of preparing their magazine. In the evening there was time for sharing ideas and suggestions about our future cooperation, which will bring even more beautiful and useful magazines to our countries. During the day some friends from Russia, Hungary and South America also joined in via Skype.

On Sunday we continued on the practical level, preparing questions together for the interview with Jigme Rinpoche that will take place in June at Karma Guen in Spain.

And since all the participants found the meeting useful, we are already thinking of having such a meeting again in the future—we will definitely meet at least briefly during the Summer course. We all hope that such meetings will also bring some benefit to you – the readers of our Buddhism Today magazines.

Honza from Czech Buddhism Today

We took advantage of the latest meetings with the architects at the EC in April to get an update from Caty and Ronald about the current status of the moreEC project and a peek behind-the-scenes of the construction in preparation. Project status – awaiting building permission. When we launched the moreEC project, we wanted to [...]

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