From a different angle

EC Blog Archive for December, 2012

From a different angle

December 29th, 2012

Szymon from Poland sent us a rather extraordinary panorama shot of the Europe Center – enjoy the EC turning in circles! :)

Brunch with a few friends….

December 25th, 2012

Picking up on the EC tradition of having a brunch together with Lama Ole before he leaves the EC, quite a few friends gathered in the dining room on Sunday morning before christmas.

There were lots of news to catch up on in the cheerful round – Lama Ole together with Caty and Tomek told about the past week’s journeys to Bhutan where he met the royal family and toured sacred places with a group of students, and to the Kagyu Moenlam with H.H. the 17th Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje and many other high lamas at the place of Buddha’s enlightenment, Bodhgaya in India. Many impressions of the visit in Bhutan and India can be found on Lama Ole Nydahl’s flickr page.

After christmas in his home town of Copenhagen, Denmark, Lama Ole is going to start the new year on the annual winter tour through Russia for three weeks, followed by lectures and a meditation courses in London, Dublin and Tel Aviv. If you would like to catch up on Lama Ole’s teaching schedule for 2013, please visit

Right in time for Lama Ole’s arrival at the EC, not only the children from Immenstadt had a great time decorating the christmas tree. As every year, the tree was chosen from the EC’s own forest and will enhance the villa’s hall for the holiday season.

A walk in the snow

December 5th, 2012

With 40 cm of finest fresh powder snow and bright skies including rainbows around the sun today, we just had to take you along for a walk around – and even to the top of the mountains on the other side of the lake – providing an impressive eagle-eye perspective of the EC grounds.

In the lands of miraculous snow mountains and bitter sweet frost, one star-lit Friday night the Czech and Lithuanian armies rolled in together for an (un)usual country weekend at the EC.

It all began with an inspiring Q&A session by Jan Matuska followed by a chill-out party in the Baucafe. No one can tell for sure, was it the enchanting Lithuanian specialties, the knock-out Czech DJ or the perfect blend of Czech and Lithuanian vibes, but eventually it all turned into a restless dance party till 4am!

The beautiful Saturday morning was promising an impressive day, full of adventures while hiking in the mountains, meditating together, eating exquisite national dishes and laughing our heads off during the presentation session. This time both of the countries decided to present each other and show how they perceive each others buddhist history, “celebrities” and national peculiarities. In the evening, Caty answered questions about the EC and its future plans, followed by talks by Czech buddhist teachers. The Lithuanian teachers unfortunately were no-shows this time, but they had their own reasons, including illnesses and even giving birth! The amusing day was rounded up as usual at the Baucafe getting together in Czech style, which included testing drinks and dancing to Czech (and some other) tunes, which lasted until another early morning…

Sunday was a chill-out day, comprised of a beautiful stormy-winter-Allgäu morning, meditating together (which is the best and most inspiring way to create bonds), cleaning and saying good-byes. The time came to leave and everyone could not help but wonder, how to get back as soon as possible to the beautiful EC.

by the Sanghas of the Czech Republic and Lithuania

A few weeks ago, Caty explained about different models of moving to Immenstadt and close to the Europe Center. To give some examples of how well this can work, we would like to introduce some active members of the EC team and show how they made a new life moving from somewhere in the world to Immenstadt to benefit the EC. This time: Szilvia from Hungary and Tiina from Finland.

After spending months in one of the dormitories to get into the groove of things at the EC, the two recently moved into an beautifully furnished flat together. Tiina already found a fulfilling job as a physiotherapist, and Szilvia is an associate of an Hungarian company and very busy learning German to be able to work as a market project coordinator as she used to do in Hungary. Thus living down in Immenstadt, the two spend as much time as possible at the EC, pretty much every day.

Szilvia: “When I came to the EC, I had a feeling that the EC had already been waiting for me. Everybody was open to me, friendly and helpful and I immediately found different meaningful activities I wanted to dive into. I really felt that I arrived at the place I had always been looking for. This excitement and the thankfulness are still with me every time I come through the entrance door. Being here is the best place for the fastest development for the benefit of all. We are part of Lama Ole’s vision, and it is just the beginning!”

Tiina: “I wanted to move here because, from the first time on at the EC, I felt that my home is here. The EC is a place full of meaning and it is also a place where one can develop very fast. By supporting the activity here, one can do something very meaningful. Usually I help with housekeeping or in the kitchen or with whatever is needed and in front of the nose. It is just such a great gift to be able to live here – the best conditions I can imagine right now!”

According to the Tibetan calendar, the 28th of November was Amitabha-Day, on a full moon. According to buddhist teachings, positive impressions of any kind and especially through meditation practice are multiplied considerably on a day like this.

On this occasion, many members of the EC sangha joined the “Phowa” meditation on the red Buddha of Limitless Light – Amitabha, just like in other Buddhist centers around the world. More about the meditation practice also referred to as “Conscious dying” can be read here.

For those interested in learning this practice, Lama Ole Nydahl is going to give a 5-day Phowa course at the beginning of next year’s Summer Course at the Europe Center during the first week of August. Please ask for explanations of the prepatory practice for the course at the EC or another one of the Diamond Way Buddhist Centers near you.