Happy birthday, Lama Ole Nydahl!

EC Blog Archive for March, 2013

On March 19th on the morning, we gathered in the gompa to send congratulate Lama Ole for his 72nd birthday via Skype.

We had the opportunity to thank him for his tireless activity for the benefit of so many – and for the Europe Center. As a gift, we gave him a statue of the 16th Karmapa Rangjung Rigpe Dorje, his main teacher who sent Lama Ole and his wife Hannah to teach Buddhism in the West over 40 years ago.

Lama Ole spent his birthday in Christchurch/New Zealand, giving explanations of great meditation master Tilopa’s pith instructions on Mahamudra/The Great Seal. The lecture was part of Lama Ole’s tour of Australia and New Zealand 2013.

A long and healthy life to our Lama!

Some days after the end of the meditation retreat, it’s pretty quiet at the Europe Center. We are meditating a lot, catching up on some work, and enjoying some beautiful early spring days outside. The snow is melting away quickly, the birds are already back from the South – spring is obviously close.

And then there are these little moments that make the EC magical in such calmer times – like a few days ago after common meditation with Karola in the evening. The final permission for the new building this week brought up memories of the construction of the Hamburg Buddhist Center in 1998. Back then, it was the biggest Diamond Way Buddhist center worldwide. Hinrich from Hamburg had us rolling on the floor laughing when he recalled Lama Ole’s comments after the new center was finished: he was happy about the beautiful new center – but already had a way bigger picture – and therefore bigger Buddhist centers – in mind all the way back then.

Today, Hinrich knows this was a vision that was to become reality – he and his family and many others by now have moved to Immenstadt to help building up what will definitely be the most extensive Diamond Way Buddhist Center in the world – the Europe Center.

Only ten minutes of shared memories left us once again very inspired and with great thankfulness for finding ourselves in the heart of Lama Ole’s vision – which is now taking form. The ground breaking ceremony marking the beginning of the new buildings’ construction is going to take place in April – guided by the mayor of Immenstadt and Lama Ole.














February has been a retreat month at the Europe Center 

Lama Ole working on his latest book and many students from around the world coming here to meditate, work and spend time together in his powerfield. Now, at the end of the book retreat, here are a few impressions from our month with the Lama…