[ECTV] Russian Days at the EC

EC Blog Archive for April, 2013

A few weeks ago (better late than never) around 60 Russians took over the EC and cooked for us, worked in the barn, meditated with us and shared their culture and wonderful music with us. Spasiba friends! Enjoy these impressions of an exciting week at the Europe Center!

The Bühl Fire Brigade

April 20th, 2013

The fire brigade in the local village came to visit us the other day, but luckily it wasn’t to put out a fire. They came to practice their manoeuvres: unloading the truck, getting hoses & pumps hooked up, rescuing a damsel in simulated distress from a window and spraying water around as if there was a fire. They also came to accept a donation – they’re in need of a new fire truck, and the Diamond Way Buddhist Foundation was glad to support them with a cheque (oversized of course) for €3000. After practice, the giant cheque and handshakes all round, everyone headed to the Baucafe for warmth, coffee, cake and sausages. Should we ever have need of them at the EC, we know we’re in good hands with the Bühl Fire Brigade.

April 8, 2013 was quite a historic date for the Europe Center: the groundbreaking ceremony marked the beginning of the construction for the new EC buildings!

Lama Ole greeted Immenstadt officials, members of the local brass band, and the traditional shooting club, most of them dressed in typically Allgäu region dirndl dresses and leather trousers. The band played to introduce the ceremonies.

Immenstadt mayor Armin Schaupp appreciated the architects’ plans for the new building: “One can feel that there is quality behind the work. The team of architects checks well what fits.”

Following speeches by Lama Ole Nydahl, the mayor, and Caty Hartung, a bumpa was filled. This is a vase which serves as a ceremonial gift to the local environment – with semi-precious stones representing the transformation of disturbing emotions into enlightened wisdoms.

Afterwards, Lama Ole and the mayor put the first strokes in with a pickaxe and a spade, digging a hole to bury the bumpa. Lama Ole placed the vase in the ground. Everyone in the crowd was invited to throw a handful of semi-precious stones in with the bumpa and make wishes for the prosperity of the Europe Center.

The local shooting club put a bang into the ceremonies with a canon, fired five times by Lama Ole, Armin Schaupp, Caty Hartung, and two of the project’s architects.

The huge barbecue proved popular with the band, the Buddhists, and everyone else as well. And this was only the beginning of a very long, lively, and typically Bavarian evening together.

We would like to thank the mayor and the people of Immenstadt once again for welcoming us so open-heartedly from the beginning.  We feel at home in Immenstadt, and Immenstadt seems to feel at home at the EC as well!

Also, don’t miss the ECtv video of the day!

Every year in March, Lama Ole’s students who teach around the world meet at the Europe Center to meditate together, discuss their work, and strengthen friendships…