White Christmas

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White Christmas

December 26th, 2014

We’ve been waiting for snow for months – and right on time at least for the second day of Christmas, it finally came!

Christmas time at the EC – being Buddhist doesn’t keep us from celebrating together.

Our kitchen team got very busy early for christmas eve – preparing a delicious three course meal for the evening. The opulent dinner was followed by a special christmas edition of our world-famous “Pub-quiz” and just a wonderfully cozy family time together. On the first day of christmas, we packed everyone and enjoyed a lovely evening with our friends at our neighboring Buddhist Center in Schwarzenberg. And last but not least, christmas was crowned by this year’s first “serious” snow fall. Happy holidays!

….just another ordinary weekend at the EC…

Last weekend we had our annual 12hr meditation on the 16th Karmapa. However, “just meditating” wasn’t enough for us! So we also decided to prepare 1700 pralines to give as gifts at the New Year’s course in Hamburg, at the same time completely empty the pub to clean and oil the lovely wooden floor thoroughly AND put the 800 New Year’s cards and EC event calendars 2015 into envelopes.

So we kind of felt like having made the most of just another weekend at our Europe Center! ;)

Last weekend, we experienced culinary delights from both Northern Germany and Poland.

Both national teams had a lot of fun preparing and showing off their regional dishes, which were enjoyed by the hungry EC gang, who worked up quite the appetite signing 1000 New Year cards, which has become a tradition at the EC. Back to power after having been fed so well, the karaoke session afterwards was a full success!

Es ist bereits eine Tradition am EC: Jedes Jahr treffen wir uns, um die Neujahrskarten zu unterschrreiben, die vom EC aus in alle Welt gehen.

In den letzten Jahren nahm diese Aktion zwei Stockwerke der EC Villa ein, sodass alle 800 Karten von jedem unterschrieben werden konnten. Dieses Jahr war es einfacher. An zwei Tage trafen wir uns im neuen Pub, in dem genug Platz für alle war. Natürlich werden wir Euch nicht die Karte zeigen – ihr werdet sie ja bald in den Briefkästen Eurer Zentren finden. Wir freuen uns immer darüber, wenn wir die Karte an den Infoboards der vielen Zentren hängen sehen – und wir sind sicher, die 2015 Edition wird Euch auch gefallen. ;)

As every year at the EC we get the Christmas tree from our forest.

This year JC prepared a wonderful adventure for the EC kids, teaching them how to measure and assess for the perfect tree! After checking several trees, they finally found the perfect one, which was cut (not by the children!), decorated and is now proudly standing in the pub.

More and more people from all over the world are moving to Immenstadt to be part of the Europe Center team. Learning the German language is pretty essential for them in order to integrate and make a living here.

Of course, except for the German nights on Thursdays, we speak English at the Europe Center so everyone has a chance to understand and take part in the conversations. This makes sense, but it also makes it more difficult for the learners to practice their German skills. So some German friends had the idea of setting up a free class for everyone interested. From now on, it is going to take place once a week.

Tonight’s first lesson: “Hi, how are you?”: “Hallo, wie geht es Dir?”.
But of course, some Allgäu dialect can also be useful: “Griaß’ Di!”