Tibetan New Year starts with a big surprise…

EC Blog Archive for February, 2015

Happy Losar, everyone! We love to welcome the New Year twice a year – once according to the Western calendar and once, approximately two months later, according to the Tibetan calendar of the Karma Kagyu lineage.

The Europe Center sangha got a very special New Year’s message from H.H. the 17th Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje – along with his best wishes for the year of the wood sheep, Gyalwa Karmapa sent a beautiful booklet with the prayer for the swift return of his teacher Shamar Rinpoche, who passed away last summer, asking his students to make wishes for Rinpoche to return and teach again very soon.

Another beautiful surprise awaited us: after a bit more than one year, we finally got to welcome the long awaited set of 16 Karmapa statues for the villa gompa. You might remember that the EC sangha had given the first manufactured set of statues to the Bern sangha as a thank you for the Stupa of Complete Victory or Long Life they had given to the Europe Center last year. Here you can see the pictures of the Bern sangha taking their Karmapa statues home in December 2013.

The Europe Center sangha would like to wish everyone a very joyful, healthy and meaningful year of the wood sheep!

Australia-New-Zealand Night

February 22nd, 2015

Another rather chilly winter weekend – perfect setting for a fabulous New Zealand themed event at the EC!

Organized by the sanghas of Australia and New Zealand, we enjoyed delicacies from the other side of the planet for dinner before meditating together. The highlight of the evening was a screening of  the movie ‘The Lord of the Mind’ video created by our very talented New Zealand sangha in order to fundraise for the development of the Diamond Way Retreat Center Glentui. It is situated on New Zealand’s beautiful South Island, just an hour away from Christchurch.

The screening along with popcorn and NZ snacks was followed by a fun(d)raising party with a playlist of the best music from down under. Thank you to the friends who organized this lovely evening and greetings to the sanghas of Australia and New Zealand from our EC – we hope to see you here for the Summer course (latest)!

BBQ in the Snow

February 20th, 2015

It’s never too early to start the year’s first barbeque, or is it?

Shortly before the middle of February, a snow bar with a nice bonfire in front was built, warming drinks were provided and our BBQ masters braved the cold for hours to provide everyone with steaks and grilled veggies.

So – when are you starting the BBQ season?

EC Team Weekend in Innsbruck

February 15th, 2015

Once in a while we like to get away from our day-to-day activities at the EC, where we are always running somewhere and spend a different type of quality time together to further strengthen our friendship.

For this purpose, a couple of times a year we organize EC Team weekends. We meditate, travel and have fun together. This time we were lucky to be invited by Innsbruck sangha, for a weekend of meditation and teachings from two of the EC’s resident Diamond Way Teachers. A lot of people were attracted by the invitation and it was quite a squeeze in the Innsbruck center. Nevertheless, we managed to squash ourselves in for not only the lectures, but also a moreEC auction and a party. We also managed to see the city, spend time together and make friends with Innsbruck sangha.

Last but not the least, the most dramatic event of the weekend happened on Sunday. Everyone was getting quite nervous waiting for this last activity – 46 friends tried the famous Innsbruck attraction – the Skeleton – a bobsleigh ride at the speed of 90km/hr, face-down in an icy tube. And we loved it!

Thank you Innsbruck, for the lovely time!