Transmission Weekend about Shamar Rinpoche with Karma Trinlay Rinpoche

EC Blog Archive for April, 2015

When the 14th Shamarpa Mipham Chokyi Lodro passed into Parinirvana last summer, many of his students expressed the wish to organize a Transmission Weekend at the EC about him – with some of the people closest to Rinpoche, who could recount many inspiring stories about his life and tireless work for the dharma and all beings.

We invited Trinlay Rinpoche, following the wish of Lama Ole, to come visit the Europe Center for the first time, and to share his memories of his teacher, Shamar Rinpoche, together with Maggie Lehnert-Kossowski and Manfred Seegers. Trinlay Tulku Rinpoche was born in France to an American mother and French father. Recognized as an incarnate lama at the age of two, he was raised by some of the last century’s greatest Tibetan masters. Amongst many others, he frequently teaches in the European and American Buddhist centers of the Karma Kagyu Lineage, in particular in the Bodhipath centers founded by the late Shamar Rinpoche.

Effortlessly explaining highest traditional Buddhist teachings and philosophy with the help of vivid examples taken from our everyday lives in the West, Rinpoche had pretty much everybody glued to their place for four lectures and meditations. We would like to thank him very much for sharing his memories of Shamar Rinpoche, his deep knowledge and a lot of laughs with us – and we hope to see him again soon!

White Easter at the EC

April 7th, 2015

In the Allgäu region it is said that winter lasts “from O to O” – from “October” to “Ostern (Easter)”. This weather proverb seemed to prove correct.

While the Europe Center was pretty much deserted due to the course in Kassel with Lama Ole Nydahl, our Easter eggs fell from the sky in fluffy, white crystal form this year, giving us just another opportunity for some beautiful photographic impressions. We hope you enjoy them!