Ready, set, go… Summer Course 2015, here we come!

EC Blog Archive for June, 2015

The building-up for 2015′s very special Summer Course at the EC has started.

Already now, several team members from different countries have arrived at the EC – to stay at least for the whole of July and way into August in order to help with building up the tents for the Summer Course. The very first things that need to be installed outside every year are electricity, water and the precise outlines of the areas for the tents. And of course, the tool workshop and team tent.

So with pretty obvious surplus and joy of reunion, the course build-up team is off to break its own records once again and is certainly going to grow by the day now. Good luck to them!

As is tradition at the EC, we meditate in the Lama’s energy field when he comes to the Europe Center. This time, the meditation week was crowned by a weekend full of lectures with Lama Ole, packed with friends from everywhere – for the benefit of earthquake-stricken Nepal.

Half of all entry money, cake sales, karaoke singing at night and of course lots of generous donations on top went straight to the Nepal fund of the Diamond Way Buddhism Foundation, supporting the rebuilding of the monasteries at Kathmandu’s legendary Swayambhu Stupa. If you would also like to donate directly, you can find all the information right here:

Lama Ole, his wife Alexandra and Tomek Lehnert shared their impressions of Lama Ole’s visit to Kathmandu just before his arrival at the Europe Center. Some of the pictures of his visit there you can also look at by following the link above.

At 36°C in bright sunshine all weekend long, everybody made the most also of the breaks in between Mahamudra lectures and helping to run the kitchen or cleaning: swimming (and even yoga ;) ) in the lake, meditating in Karmapa’s garden at our Long Life Stupa or meeting old and new friends in the courtyard while enjoying a coffee from the open-air coffee bar, or getting explanations for their mediation practices underneath the apple trees in the garden.

What a weekend – to many it felt like a small Summer Course. And the big Summer Course is now anyway around the corner – thank you so much, Lama Ole, we very much look forward to seeing you again very soon!


Not a single visit of Lama Ole at the EC without a tour of the construction site!

Aiming to be finished in time for the Summer Course so Gyalwa Karmapa can inaugurate the new building and our teachers and parts of the team can live and work in there already during the summer course, the construction works are progressing very fast at the moment.

Our carpentry team is now especially busy, working on furniture for the future guest rooms. So Lama Ole and Alexandra checked out the wood workshop and its impressive machinery already in use in the new building and tested a sample desk and bed in one of the rooms.

Lama Ole Nydahl, his wife Alexandra and Tomek Lehnert finally returned home to the EC after a visit to the earthquake-struck city of Kathmandu in Nepal following months traveling the Americas. No corner without at least one smiling face could be found anywhere at the EC on the Lama’s arrival!