Meditation Weeks and Mahamudra Transmission Weekend 2015 with Lama Ole Nydahl

EC Blog Archive for November, 2015

Following a week of meditation sessions and lectures by Diamond Way teachers, Lama Ole arrived in time for this year’s Mahamadura Transmission Weekend.

With a packed meditation hall, the weekend started differently than we had expected. After news of the terror attacks in Paris broke, Lama Ole guided an hour of meditation on the Buddha of Limitless Light (Tib. Phowa), making good wishes for the victims, joined by many Buddhist centers around the globe via live streaming.

In the wake of these intense impressions of impermanence of everything composite in this world, the deep explanations of the Great Seal wishes by the 3rd Karmapa Rangjung Dorje, the Ganges Mahamudra by the great Mahasiddha Tilopa and the teachings of Lama Shang by Lama Ole could neither have been more fitting nor of greater inspiration!

EC Sangha Meeting with Lama Ole

November 18th, 2015

After the months of ongoing changes in structure, organisation and style at the EC, it was a wish of both Lama Ole and the people frequently involved in running the Europe Center to have time for an intense exchange between teacher and students about these specific topics.

In the beautiful castle of Immenstadt (which has been beautifully restored by the same Buddhist friend in charge of the restauration of the EC villa, by the way), we had the chance to get answers to all the questions which had come up during the process of change since the Summer course.

After a long and very interesting session of Q&A about the EC, mistakes that have been made, changes that have taken place or will still take place, Lama Ole for example advised us to learn from the past, take things one step at a time on a democratic and meritocratic basis together and, most importantly, to focus more on meditation now that the new buildings are standing and the process of creating a new EC for our future is in full swing: “We all share in the wish that everybody will become enlightened and that everybody will learn what is necessary!”

As a thank you for his constant support and precious advice during this exciting process of developing the Europe Center, the sangha presented Lama Ole with a stupa handmade of precious wood. We rounded off the evening with Lama Ole guiding a wonderful guru yoga meditation on the 8th Karmapa. Afterwards, we stopped by our sangha friend’s Italian bistro right next to the castle for a little midnight snack and drink.

Halloween at the EC

November 1st, 2015

Yes, we admit it: Halloween is not exactly the most Buddhist of all traditions.

However, as a round-up to our EC change day, a Halloween party with monster costumes was just perfect fun! And.. what to say? The pictures surely prove one thing: the familiar faces at the EC really did change…!

As a continuation of our recent EC change weekend, we will take a day each month to keep all the fresh development going at a big center meeting additional to our regular weekly center meetings.

This EC change day was characterized by more lively discussions and in-depth analysis of the way we do things at the EC – and enjoying the most beautiful autumn weather outside in the breaks.