Rainbow Magic

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Rainbow Magic

June 17th, 2016

There was definitely at least one bright side to the extremely rainy weeks of late spring in the Allgäu – one of the most stunning double rainbows we have ever seen over the EC!

As is EC tradition, we open the doors of the Villa every Sunday in June for our beautiful statue exhibition.

Visiting the statue exhibition, one can learn not only about the meaning of Buddhist statues and their profound symbolism. The heart of the annual statue exhibition is made of the collection of statues residing at the Europe Center. Many of them are used in the center’s daily life for Buddhist meditation practices. On top, there are always some „hidden treasures“ displayed, chosen especially for the occasion.

It might come as a surprise for people not familiar with Buddhism that Buddhist statues actually do not depict any gods—Buddha is not a god but rather reference to a perfect state of mind. The different forms, with precisely prescribed proportions, attributes and expressions, are thus symbolizing and reflecting various enlightened qualities of one’s own mind.

Many of our friends surely remember how much hard work it was every year to build up the floor for the Summer Course kitchen tent. Great news – that’s history now!

Just to mention the most infamous of all kitchen floor tasks, tens of thousands of screws had to be put in and taken out again each year to provide a solid basis for the industry-size course kitchen on the rather swampy grounds of the kitchen plateau. The old system was simply taking lots of time and material and needed a great amount of helpers.

Therefore, based on the experience of 7 years, some friends developed a new system which is being put to practice for the first time this year.

A permanent basis in the ground is being installed. For this, 360 tubes with 360 huge screws of app. 1m length have to be put into drilled holes, app. 800 wooden beams have to be sawn to fitting length and connecting pieces have to be fixed on each beam. The beams will be dismantled and reinstalled every year, but the new system works without screws or metal angles.

Therefore, it will take a lot less time to build up the floor of the kitchen tent in the future.

We would very much like to thank the planners and the hard workers who braved pretty unpleasant weather conditions over the past weeks – and if you would like to still come and help, you are very welcome to do so!