Summer Course Building-Up 2016 – It’s Done!

EC Blog Archive for July, 2016

Thanks to all the diligent and joyful helpers, we are ready for the International Summer Course 2016 – and would like to thank everyone who came to share their surplus for the benefit of many, many course guests, and filled these building-up weeks of July with so much power and joy!

The final week of the building-up was hard work during the day and meditation, lectures by Diamond Way teachers and lots of fun like the traditional “Pub Quiz” at night – with apparently unending diligence and strength. On top, some of the helpers even volunteered to provide the runners of the annual “Allgäu Run” passing by the EC with refreshments and music – as is by now tradition during the course preparation phase.

Marking the EC’s International Summer Course in the calendar each year far in advance? “Check, of course!” Marking the building-up weeks before as a yearly fixture in one’s calendar? “Check, of course!” – for many friends who come every year to share work and joy for the benefit of all!

If just for a weekend or for the whole time being, and/or for the dismantling of the course infrastructure in the middle of August, you are most welcome to join the fun anytime! And now we let the pictures do the convincing talking of just how much fun it is…

Thought construction activity has come to an end at the Europe Center? Think again!

The fieldbarn project is actually going to keep our carpenters, builders and helpers busy for the next four summers. This year, the first of four barns is being built up on the Summer Course plateau. The barns will provide storage place for all of the course equipment and more. This will save a lot of money on the long run because the rent for external dry storage space can be saved in the future.

The wooden barns are being built in the typical style of the Allgäu region, blending in perfectly with the typical landscape of woods and meadows with some field barns on them every now and then. And of course, they are being built by our wonderful voluntary builders and carpenters.

Feel like supporting the project? Helpers are always welcome (and might be rewarded with homemade field barn-cakes as well! :) )