A very fulfilled day with Lama Toensang
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As if the Milarepa empowerment, high teachings and a long story-telling evening had not already been such a great gift, Lama Toensang left it up to the EC sangha to get the most out of spending one more day with us on Monday!

Lama Toensang had breakfast, lunch and dinner together with us in the pub. Each meal took hours. Not because we ate so much, but because he patiently answered all our questions and continued Sunday night’s spontaneous storytelling-session as well. Lama Toensang is full of highly inspiring stories from over 80 years of life experience in Dharma – lots of highly inspiring memories.

All his life Lama Toensang was building up different centers and monasteries for Karmapa including Rumtek. With 17 years he was ordained as a monk in Tsurphu under the guidance of the 16th Karmapa. He was a strong man and because of that, he often was sent to help the carpenters, painters and other craftsmen. He has been living and working in Montchardon already for 42 years. When he came there, it was only a farm house in the middle of the mountains… very similary to the EC.

Despite his high age, the very hands-on Lama had a look at everything new on the premises. A lot has changed in and around the EC since Lama Toensang visited us last in 2013!

On top of all this, Lama Toensang made time for personal interviews and blessing the families and children as well.

We would very much like to thank Lama Toensang for these amazing days! Wishing him many more healthy and fulfilled years, we are very much hoping to welcome him back at the EC next year for more teachings!

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