Phowa meditation practice on full moon
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Full moon is traditionally considered to be an excellent time for meditation, increasing the intensity and multiplying the good impressions. So with those who have completed a Phowa course with Lama Ole Nydahl, we practice this precious meditation on full moon nights.

Lama Ole has taught this transference of consciousness meditation to more than 80,000 people worldwide over many years. In the meditation practice one learns to transfer consciousness at the moment of death into a state of highest bliss.

Through the meditation on “conscious dying” you get the opportunity to work intensively with the process of your own death. Buddhist teachings contain very precise descriptions on the process of dying, death and the stages between death and rebirth. Many teachers and meditation masters have also had a lot of experience with the process of dying.

Those that have learnt the Phowa practice also learn how to actively help others at the moment of death. Lama Ole Nydahl received the transmission of the Phowa teachings from different Tibetan Lamas and is today the most significant teacher of this practice in the Western world. Those that wish to take part in the 5 day course can find the important information and necessary preparation meditation in every Diamond Way Buddhist center.

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